Abby Phillip for a Conversation about Gender, Race and the Impact of Intersectionality

MILWAUKEE  -This year, the Women’s Fund of Greater Milwaukee Presents Disruptors, Changing the Power Dynamics. During this dynamic luncheon, the Women’s Fund deepens the community conversation about gender and race and the impact of intersectionality for women in Milwaukee.

The annual event will be held on Thursday, Nov. 18 at 11:30 AM at the Pfister Hotel.

Johnson Controls, as Speaker Sponsor, brings Abby Phillip, senior political correspondent and anchor of Inside Politics Sunday on CNN, to the event to talk about her journey, share stories from the road traveling with politicians, and relate her personal insights about how gender and race impact women. In conversation with Phillip.  Recently retired Dr. Joan M. Prince, Vice Chancellor Emeritus of Global Inclusion and Engagement at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a nationally renowned advocate for equity. Together they discuss the complexities and underscore the importance of understanding the unique experiences of women of color, to advance equity for all women in the Greater Milwaukee community.

“I am looking forward to my conversation with Abby and our discussion about how gender and race impact women in Milwaukee and across the world,” said Dr. Joan M. Prince.  Additionally, the Women’s Fund celebrates various “Disruptors” in the Milwaukee community, named by Johnson Controls as the Speaker Sponsor, Associated Bank as the Signature Sponsor, and other event sponsors. These “Disruptors” are people who are changing the status quo and creating social change. They are innovative and breaking new ground. They are bold thinkers, leading by example, inspiring others, and shifting attitudes, behaviors, and culture.

“Our annual ‘Women’s Fund Presents’ event is an educational opportunity for our community, and each year we choose an important topic that impacts women’s equity,” said Marilka Vélez, Women’s Fund Board Chair.  I’m thrilled to be honoring our community members and play an active role in this vital conversation.”

In order for the Greater Milwaukee community to continue moving forward and address the systemic barriers facing women, it’s crucial that everyone understands the complex ways that many aspects of people’s identities overlap.  Women are not equally oppressed; some must overcome more biases and injustice because of how their other identities intersect with their womanhood.

Johnson Controls is Speaker Sponsor, and Associated Bank is Signature Sponsor. They and numerous other community organizations are supporting this important event.   

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