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Hola que tal amigo lector, soy Mariella Godinez-Munoz de Hoy…

By Urban Media News Staff Last week, Democrats gathered in…

Hola que tal amigos lectores, les cuento que el campeón…

Hola que tal amigos lectores, soy Mariella Godinez-Munoz presentadora de…

MADISON- In light of this week’s National Weather Service excessive…

Pakistán.- El hermano de la modelo pakistaní, Qandeel Baloch, famosa…

Milwaukee: At a news event in Milwaukee’s Sherman Park Neighborhood elected officials and community leaders spoke out about revelations that the jobs agency created by Governor Walker, Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), misrepresented its impact on jobs in the area.

Speakers at the event included elected officials such as State Representative LaTonya Johnson, State Representative Evan Goyke, State Representative David Bowen, and Alderman Chevy Johnson. The event also included community leaders such as Reverend Willie Brisco, President of WISDOM, and Martha De La Rosa, Executive Director of Wisconsin Jobs Now.

Citizen Action of Wisconsin revealed late last week that Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) claimed only to create 483 jobs in the economically depressed Sherman Park neighborhood, the scene of civil unrest ten days ago. However, Citizen Action research discovered that the small number of jobs claimed by the WEDC were not created in Sherman Park, but in exurbs like Hartland.

WEDC CEO David Hogan responded to Citizen Action research today, but admits that WEDC impact map inaccurately attributed jobs to Sherman Park that were created in other areas such as western Waukesha County. Hogan said in his response: When the physical address data cannot be precisely plotted, such as when a P.O. Box is provided, the system generates an approximate location.

That is what happened with the companies identified by Citizen Action. This statement constitutes an admission that WEDC does not even have accurate records of where its tax credits, loans, and grants are supposedly creating jobs. In one case the jobs were created 25 miles to the west in Harland. The response suggests that this was only a problem with an impact map on the website, but in fact WEDC written profile of what jobs were supposedly created in Assembly District 18 contains the same errors.

The Sherman Park neighborhood and other communities in Milwaukee urban core have borne the brunt of the outsourcing and deindustrialization that has taken place since the 1970s. WEDC actually claims to have created more jobs in up scale Waukesha County than in Milwaukee County, despite the much greater need for expanded opportunity.

WEDC inability to track the locations of the jobs it claims to create is a symptom of a bankrupt economic strategy. It is clear that Sherman Park and other economically devastated areas like it have been abandoned by Governor Walker’s failed economic policies,  said Robert Kraig, Executive Director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin. Now that the dust has settled in Sherman Park, we need public interventions at the scale necessary to truly guarantee full opportunity for everyone in our great state.


Milwaukee – Visite nuestra Mesa en Mexican Fiesta para un autógrafo y fotografía con nuestro staff y talentos invitados.

El campeón de Boxeo Luis Cuba Arias estará con nosotros en Mexican Fiesta!

Venga y conozca en persona al campeón de boxeo Luis Cuba Arias, quien  estará firmado autógrafos en nuestra mesa de Mundomax en Mexican Fiesta este Viernes 26 y sábado 27 de agosto de 3pm a 5pm de la tarde.

También venga y conozca al cantante y compositor Jourdan Westenberg, Brendan Berndt y Jairius Stolar integrantes de la banda de rock cristina“This Hearth I surrender”  quien estar con nosotros de 6-8pm, estos tres jóvenes locales se ha unido para darle un mensaje positivollenos de esperanza y victoria  a nuestra juventud, ellos están promoviendo su sencillo” “I’ll be with You”.

Además el sábado de 5pm a 7pm podrá tomarse fotografías con Mariella Godinez-Munoz nuestra presentadora del programa Hoy Wisconsin Today.

Los espramos con toda su familia, estaremos regalando muchos premios!

Milwaukee – Congresswoman Gwen Moore and Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton were among many Milwaukee residents and community leaders attending the Freshwater for Life Action Coalition (FLAC) Town Hall meeting this past week.

FLAC spokesperson and Spanish Journal editor, Robert Miranda gave a power point presentation giving details about the 70,000 led water pipes operating in Milwaukee.

“Milwaukee city officials are correct when they say that our water system is safe” said Miranda. “Where the water becomes contaminated is when it is delivered through one of the 70,000 leap pipes connecting from our home to the city water main.”

Miranda pointed out that homes built before 1951 are more than likely to have lead service lines (LSL).

During his presentation Miranda highlighted that lead in the water of these homes is more likely than not coming from lead pipes and plumbing components leaching lead into the drinking water.

Lead is a metal with no known biological benefit to humans. Too much lead can damage various systems of the body including the nervous and reproductive systems and the kidneys, and it can cause high blood pressure and anemia. Lead accumulates in the bones and lead poisoning may be diagnosed from a blue line around the gums. Lead is especially harmful to the developing brains of fetuses and young children and to pregnant women. Lead interferes with the metabolism of calcium and Vitamin D. High blood lead levels in children can cause consequences which may be irreversible including learning disabilities, behavioral problems, and mental retardation. At very high levels, lead can cause convulsions, coma and death.

The City of Milwaukee uses a compound in the water called orthophosphate which acts as a corrosion inhibitor by forming a protective film on the interior of lead pipes. This film protects the pipe material from the corrosive effects of water, which reduces or eliminates the potential for lead leaching into the water.

Miranda states however that the City of Milwaukee cannot guarantee that water flowing though any of the 70,000 home with lead service lines is safe.

“The City of Milwaukee is dealing with a Russian roulette type of situation here. Lead leaching in water can happen anytime. It can happen when there is construction going on out front of your home. It can happen when pipes in the street are disturbed because of street construction. Lead leaches in the water when the water is stagnant in the lead pipes for 6 or more hours. Bottom line, these pipes must be removed”, said Miranda.

The group plans to host a Town Hall meeting in the Southside in September. Meanwhile Miranda stares that the best way to protect your family is to buy bottle water or a filtration system that removes lead from the water.

Miranda offered the following suggestions to prevent lead poisoning from water.

– Run your water and only use it when it is very cold for drinking and cooking. Miranda says if possible avoid preparing baby formula with tap water.

– Do not cook with or drink water from the hot water tap as lead dissolves more easily into hot water.

– Do not boil water to remove lead. Boiling water will not reduce lead.

– Get your child tested. Contact your local health department or healthcare provider to find out how you can get your child tested for lead if you are concerned about exposure.

– Identify if your plumbing fixtures contain lead. New brass faucets, fittings, and valves, including those advertised as “lead-free,” may contribute lead to drinking water.

Kenosha – After the Kenosha Unified School Board voted to name the new Bradford High School stadium for the late Rev. Olen Arrington Jr., board president Tamarra Coleman informed members she was requesting the action be rescinded.

She said she will recommend a motion at the next board meeting.

Coleman last week sided with the majority in the 3-2 vote.

The vote ignited protests from committee members and the public, leading to an online petition to name the stadium for Bradford.

Kenosha’s City Council fanned the flames by passing a resolution 15-1 Monday urging the board to reverse its decision.

Meanwhile, charges of racial motivation raised the temperature as the controversy mounted.

Coleman emailed board members Tuesday, saying should would recommend naming the stadium Mary D. Bradford Stadium.

In addition, she is recommending that the board revise two policies several board and committee members cited as inconsistent and partly to blame for problems surrounding the naming. One deals with naming or renaming district buildings. The other is for “naming an area within or on a district site.”

2016 Rio Olympics - Tennis - Final - Women's Singles Gold Medal Match - Olympic Tennis Centre - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 13/08/2016. Monica Puig (PUR) of Puerto Rico celebrates after winning match against Angelique Kerber (GER) of Germany.       REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS.

Mónica Puig se convirtió en la primera campeona olímpica en la historia de Puerto Rico tras ganar la medalla de oro en el torneo individual femenino de Río 2016, donde se impuso en la final a la segunda jugadora del mundo, la alemana Angelique Kerber, por 6-4, 4-6 y 6-1.

La germana, campeona en el Abierto de Australia y finalista e Wimbledon, fue una nueva víctima de la jugadora boricua, que cerró el partido después de dos horas y nueve minutos.

Mónica Puig, que al vencer en semifinales se convirtió en la primera mujer de Puerto Rico en ganar una medalla en unos Juegos, sometió una por una a cada adversaria. Entre ellas a las mejores del circuito, como la española Garbiñe Muguruza, cuarta del ránking y ganadora de Roland Garros, la exvencedora de Wimbleon, la checa Petra Kvitova, la eslovena Polona Hercog o la rusa Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova.

Nunca había ganado a Kerber, con la que cayó en Brisbane en el 2013 y más recientemente, el pasado año, en Canadá. La victoria de Puig, 34 del mundo, es el éxito del tesón, de la fe y del compromiso por los colores de su país.

By Robert Miranda

Editor’s Commentary

This past weekend, the streets of Milwaukee was rocked with the sound of young angry voices after a police officer shot and killed a young black man who was armed and allegedly pointed the gun at the officer. The fatal shooting took place in the city’s Sherman Park neighborhood.

After the shooting a rampage of violence took over the streets. Buildings and vehicles were set on fire. Police officers hurt from flying bricks and rocks. Shootings could be heard all around the neighborhood, with one person injured from a gun shot.

The situation on the ground necessitated Gov. Scott Walker to activate the state National Guard in case it was needed to help quell the unrest.

Why Black peoples rioting for a man who had a gun and died for pointing it at a cop?

Because there are many instances where whites have had guns pointed at police and ended arrested and living and not shot and dead. The Bundy Ranch incident to start.

Many believe that rioting for someone who had a stolen gun  was the reason for the rampage. That is farthest from the truth. The real reason for the riots are because of years of harassment at the hands of police and white businesses.

In December of 2014, Milwaukee was called the worst city in the nation for African-Americans. That designation wasn’t based on opinion, but a deep analysis of “household income, the percentage of people without health insurance, educational attainment, homeownership, unemployment, incarceration rates, and mortality among infants as well as other age groups.”

In March of 2015, Kenya Downs, who grew up in the city, wrote a powerful piece for NPR asking the question, “Why is Milwaukee so bad for black people?”

In the October of 2015, NBA player John Henson, who had just signed a $44 million contract extension with the Milwaukee Bucks, went to a local store there to buy his first Rolex watch. Upon seeing him, store employees got so deathly afraid of him that they locked the doors, pretended like the store was closed, and called the police on him.

The narrative for the rampage and violence is about how African-Americans have grown fed up all over this country with being mistreated and ignored for decades–they simply can’t take it anymore.

The sad thing is this, many who are reading this now could care two-bits and an empty box of Cheerios what is happening with Black peoples in this country.


The massive road and sidewalk replacement taking place on south 13th street on Milwaukee’s near Southside will soon be breaking up pavement on the Eastside of the street.

Milwaukee Water Works is monitoring the work and testing the water after issues were raised about construction work disturbing the lead service lines (potentially causing speaking of lead in the water) located along the stretch of road under construction.

As the community group Freshwater for Life Action Coalition (FLAC) continues to monitor the situation, an unrelated matter popped up when FLAC members were canvassing the area.

It was learned that property owners having fences in front of their house were being told by city officials that they will have to bear the cost of removing and replacing the fences because work crews digging out the sidewalk need space.

Property owners have stated that this came as a surprise to them. They informed FLAC that at no time did the city, before or during this construction, told them they would have to pay out of pocket for removing the fence and then replacing it if they wanted a fence in front of their home.

“These are people on fixed incomes”, said Robert Miranda, spokesman for the group.”

One of the homeowners, Manuel Gaona told FLAC that he’s on disability and struggles to buy milk sometimes for his grandchildren. He states that he was never informed before construction on his block stated that he would be faced with having to pay for the city to come on his property and remove his fence and replacing it once the work was done. He says that he feels his rights as a property owner are being infringed upon.

“How is it that without any prior notice to homeowners having fences on their property, can the city just come and remove their fence and then tell the homeowner to pay for replacing the fence?”, asked Miranda.

Mr. Gaona was told that the city will be contacting the contractors doing the work to inform them that they can remove the fence from Gaona’s property at no cost to Mr. Gaona, but that replacing the fence will have to be responsibility of Mr. Gaona.

“This is unacceptable. Forcing people on fixed incomes to pay for damages to their property is out of line. It also brings to light a question”, said Miranda

“If the city can’t remove lead service lines that are on private property, by what authority can the city remove fences on private property?”, Miranda continued.

Currently, the city is looking into the matter.

August 23, 2013 Photographs from Mexican Fiesta held at the lakefront festival grounds.  Here members of Ballet Folklorico Nuestro Mexico dance for the crowd. MICHAEL SEARS/MSEARS@JOURNALSENTINEL.COM

Milwaukee – Mexican Fiesta brings the sound, culture, and taste of Mexico to Milwaukee’s lakefront this coming August 26, 27 & 28, 2016.

The public is invited to join in on the three days of fun, food, Mariachi and Fiesta.

Mexican Fiesta is more than just a celebration; it is a vigorous declaration of community spirit at its best. Education is the key to the future, and through scholarship awards, the festival becomes the gateway to young Hispanics taking their rightful place in society by continuing education.

Mexican Fiesta is a cultural foundation concentrating on providing education and cultural events for the growing Hispanic community. The festival honors culture, tradition and family.

Mexican Fiesta encourages individuals form all ethnic backgrounds to share in the beauty of Mexico’s rich history, art, music and food.


Milwaukee – The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (MJS) recently reported that a south side Latino construction firm is under a Federal investigation for possibly setting up a scheme in order to land $268 million in government contracts by fraudulently claiming they are owned by minorities and military veterans.

A 48-page affidavit for a federal search warrant explains the fraud scheme “involving a web of interconnected companies set up with phony minority and veteran owners to snag lucrative contracts”, according to the MJS report.

The companies involved include Nuvo Construction, C3T, Pagasa Construction, Sonag Company and an accounting firm that did work for all four firms, LJM Accounting Services.

The owner of LJM Accounting Services home was the target of federal search warrant allowing federal agents to search the Menomonee Falls home office of Lori Michaud, owner of the accounting firm.

Sonag Company is located on Milwaukee’s near Southside and is the center piece of the federal investigation. The company is owned by Brian Lee Ganos (Sonag backwards) a member of the Board of Directors of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (HCCW). Ganos is also nephew to former HCCW CEO Maria Cameron who retired from HCCW a little over a year ago.

The federal investigation has been ongoing for over four years and is just now issuing charges and search warrants looking into the contract dealings of Sonag Company.

Federal agents are also investigating Nuvo Construction, C3T, Pagasa Construction, which were created by Brian Ganos and his partner who is also being investigated, James Edward Hubbell.

The charges Ganos and Hubbell as well as others face include, crimes of major fraud against the government, conspiracy, making false statements, money laundering among other offenses.

MJS reports that “in 2014, a former longtime employee approached federal agents and described the fake ownership created for the various companies”.

by Robert Miranda

Milwaukee – State Representative JoCasta Zamarripa seeks to return to Madison but she first has to get past Laura Manriquez who is challenging Zamarripa for the fourth time.

Manriquez last three attempts were thwarted by extraordinary events beyond her control.

Manriquez first go around was stopped when a couple of weeks before the election Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter, Georgia Pabst wrote an article that incorrectly identified Manriquez claiming she had not paid her taxes and was facing a warrant from the State. The false report was retracted and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel issued a correction and apology for the error.

Manriquez however was unable to repair the damage done to her reputation and Zamarripa went on to win the election becoming the first bisexual female Hispanic to hold state office.   

The second time around Manriquez suspended her campaign after the death of one of her sons during the middle of the campaign.

Two years ago, Manriquez ran again but fell down a flight of stairs hitting her head suffering life threatening injury. The campaign was again suspended.

Manriquez has recovered and says she feels great. Her community work has been focused on fighting for lead-free water and safe/drug free neighborhoods in the 8th Assembly District.

Rep. JoCasta Zamarippa has been championing immigration rights and has been the leading voice in the State Assembly advocating for LGBTQ issues since taking office.

In a recent Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article, Zamarippa cited as one of her accomplishments “…the passage of a bill she co-authored allowing local distilleries to distribute small samples of their products to consumers as an important win allowing small businesses to compete with national brands”.

Manriquez states that such accomplishment is not particularly the kind of jobs plan she’d pursue; stating that since the passage of this bill, Zamarripa’s accomplishment appears to not be generating jobs, just more drinkers.

Zamarripa’s argument that giving free samples in order to compete against national brands so that jobs can be created is completely unfounded. Zamarripa’s bill may contribute to increase sales and competition with distilleries, but that by no means implies more jobs will be created.

This is because the store would continue to ring the cash register without adding new workers until such time the volume of people or sales were to be so large that it requires more workers, which has not been estimated.

Further, more sales could mean using up current inventories without having to increase production of liquor. So current staffing levels at producing facilities are not shown to increase. More sales could actually be associated with more alcoholism which Zamarripa appears to have not even considered.

Currently, there is no evidence showing this bill has created significant job growth in her district, let alone Wisconsin.

Zamarripa most likely supported this under pressure from the store liquor owners of the south side under guidance from the Tavern Association.

Zamarripa has been a vocal champion for gender neutral bathrooms for individuals who identify as a certain gender, despite not physically being the gender they identify with. A Republican led initiative will most likely be brought to the Assembly in the next session calling on bathrooms to remain traditional. Zamarripa has stated that she is ready to fight against any Republican effort that does not allow for gender neutral bathrooms.

Zamarripa has also been fighting for immigrant rights.

In sum, Manriquez states that her priorities will be to seek funding to remove 70,000 lead service lines poisoning water in Milwaukee. She intends to fight for resources to repair our roads, improve safety on our streets and support anti-drug addiction programs.

Zamarripa will continue to champion the immigration cause, fighting for the rights of immigrants and the undocumented. In addition, her passion to stand against Republican efforts to block the rights of individuals seeking to use gender neutral bathrooms and advancing LGBTQ rights, will be at the top of her priority list if reelected for another term.

Disclaimer: the writer is a supporter of Manriquez

A fight over a woman led to a July 18 shooting, which left one person injured and nearby homes peppered with bullets, according to court records.

Prosecutors allege that Fabian Johnson, 23, became upset with a 29-year-old Kenosha man over a woman they both knew. On the afternoon of July 18, the man said he was walking in the 6100 block of 20th Avenue when he observed a tan Volvo on the east side of the road driven by Johnson.

That’s when, according to court records, Johnson yelled out the man’s name and pointed a revolver at him, firing it five or six times and hitting him in the thigh. One bullet entered a nearby house, going into a child’s bedroom. Area residents said the shooting sounded “like fireworks.”

On Tuesday, Johnson, a felon, was charged with attempted first degree intentional homicide, two counts of discharging a firearm from a vehicle, and illegally possessing of a firearm. If convicted, he could be sentenced to more than 40 years in prison.

Johnson will appear in court Aug. 11 for a preliminary hearing. He is being held on a $250,000 cash bond. The man shot was treated at a local hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

In 2013, Johnson was convicted of second-degree recklessly endangering safety and sentenced to two years in prison and four years extended supervision.

Milwaukee – There is a primary election on August 9 and voters are being asked to vote for either Milwaukee County D.A. incumbent John Chisholm who is being challenged by Verona Swanigan.

There is no Republican running in November so this is the election for the Milwaukee County District Attorney that will represent Milwaukee County for the next four years.

Chisholm is running on his experience. Swanigan, a practicing private attorney, is running because she feels Chisholm is to soft on crime.

Common Council President, Alderman Ashanti Hamilton endorsed Chisholm, lauding the DA for establishing the community prosecution program recognized around the nation recognition as a model for breaking the cycle of violence and incarceration.

Attorney Swanigan identifies as a conservative democrat, says that if she is elected as District Attorney she will use her knowledge and experience to challenge people to live out their full potential, address the roots of crime in order to reduce the violence that has taken over Milwaukee.

She has proposed that in order to achieve this she’ll press upon the community to be adherent to the law. She then Intends to enforce more laws to increase order to reduce crime and address police brutality more aggressively.

Chisholm was elected Milwaukee County’s top prosecutor in 2006. He launched two secret John Doe probes of Gov. Scott Walker’s associates.

In a statement Chisholm made when he announced that he was running for office once again, Chisholm said, “My pledge has been to do everything in my power to keep Milwaukee safe, and to reform the way our criminal justice system responds to the deep challenges in our community,” said Chisholm. “I have kept that promise by getting violent offenders off the streets, while also building a nationally recognized Community Prosecution program that works with citizens in neighborhoods to solve problems.”

To address the issue of police brutality Swanigan stated in an interview with a local newspaper, “I tend to properly come up with training programs for police officers, and if they go through [my] constitutional-based training program and don’t comply, then I will have no problem holding them responsible.”

BENTONVILLE – Walmart is unveiling its back to class syllabus designed to help customers add up the savings, multiply the cool factor and subtract the stress.

For more than 50 years, customers have shopped with Walmart to get back to school for less. This year, the retailer has outlined three things that will help customers save not only money, but also time. With more than 200 Back-to-School supplies available at the retailer’s every day low prices via their Pickup service, Walmart is granting mom a recess before the school year even starts.

“We know how quickly Back-to-School spending can add up. Our customers trust us to have the Back-to-School items they need at the prices that don’t break the bank,” said Scott Bayles, vice president, school and office supplies, Walmart U.S. “We want to make every day easier for busy families. This year, we’re saving our customers more than just money; we’re also saving them time. No matter how customers choose to shop – whether on their smartphone, tablet or in our stores – we’re working to provide moms with the most convenient, affordable solution to get back to class.”

Whether customers are shopping in-stores or online or a combination of both, Walmart is making shopping seamless – faster and easier than ever. From providing local school supply lists in our stores to an easier way to pay with Walmart Pay the retailer is offering customers the tools they need to move to the front of the class.

Walmart’s top 200 Back-to-School items are available online and can be picked up in-store via Walmart’s Pickup service, making it even easier to check off all of the items on student’s Back-to-School lists in a snap.

Racine – Franksville, WI will be coming alive with the music, food and vibrant colors of La Fiesta Mexicana to be held on  Saturday, August 6 from 9am to 11pm.

This is the 5th annual fiesta held in Racine hosted by the Urban League.  Although a fiesta is non-traditional for the Urban League, the Racine/Kenosha Urban League affiliate has been serving the Spanish speaking population since the Spanish Center of Racine and Kenosha, Inc. ceased all operations in Kenosha on 2012 due to funding cuts.

Racine/Kenosha Urban League affiliate has been supporting Spanish speakers however Yolanda Santos Adams, who is organizing Fiesta Mexicana in Racine states that “There is a tremendous gap in services to the Spanish-speaking residents in Racine and Kenosha”.

Events like La Fiesta Mexicana help to not only bring people together, but it also serves as an awareness to help support groups like the  Racine/Kenosha Urban League for helping the Spanish speaking population.

Yolanda states that this year Fiesta Mexicana will have a new addition to compliment all of the great evens planned at Fiesta.

This year Fiesta Mexicana will be featuring an Expo Hall for small businesses and community partners.  The Expo Hall will be a place where visitors can enjoy opportunities to network and buy quality items.

Milwaukee – Street excavation has been taking place on South 5th street between Bruce street and Washington street to the south for some time. Upon completion businesses in the area will have a new road to help attract consumers looking to dine at one to the many restaurants that line south 5th in Walker’s Point.

However, during this construction period, the spokesperson for a group working to remove lead service lines in Milwaukee, urges caution when visiting restaurants where heavy construction is taking place because most restaurants on south 5th street have lead service lines supplying water to them.

“Street excavation or construction in any area of Milwaukee present an increased risk for spiking lead levels in the water where lead service lines supply water to that home or restaurant”, said Robert Miranda, spokesman for the Freshwater for Life Action Coalition (FLAC).

Miranda states that areas where street excavation or heavy construction is taking place should be closely monitored by City of Milwaukee health and Milwaukee Water Works officials.

“Lead service lines disturbed by the vibrations from pounding machinery breaking up concrete, cause the protective inner lining of phosphate inside the lead tube to loosen, causing lead to leach in the water”, Miranda said.

Miranda said that similar concerns were raised about construction work on south 13th street where heavy construction work removing sidewalk and street excavation raised concerns about spiking of lead in the water.

After informing city officials of the concern, Miranda said Milwaukee Water Works sent a team to south 13th street to test the water in the area to ensure spiking lead levels are not evident.

Miranda said that water testing of the many restaurants on south 5th street is needed as well.

“I called Alderman Perez and asked what does he know of the status of testing water on south 5th street. His reply was that he was unsure. I’ve since emailed him my concerns and have yet to hear if in fact water testing is taking place on south 5th street”, continued Miranda.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a study in 2013 indicating that road excavation or street construction is one way to disturb lead service lines.   

The study points out that lead service lines disturbed by vibrations caused by construction in front of a building with lead service lines, increases the likelihood of lead leaching in the water.

Miranda states that he’s raising the level of precaution by city officials because practices in the past have been lax.

“Milwaukee over the years has been set in its ways doing just what is required of them to do as set by the EPA and the Lead Copper Rule (LCR). We are finding out now, after the Flint, Michigan crisis, that the LCR is weak and needs to be amended and that EPA water testing standards are just for guidance, and lack force to make water utilities step up testing of water standards, especially for homes and restaurants with lead service lines.”, Miranda said.

Miranda said he’s waiting for a response to a message via email he sent to Alderman Jose Perez asking Perez whether Milwaukee Water Works has moved to test the water on south 5th street.

KENOSHA  – The Kenosha Unified School District will host the dedication of the newly installed path between Mahone Middle School and the YMCA on Tuesday, July 26, 2016, at 6 p.m.

The Ease Way Project was the brainchild and product of Girl Scout Troop 9178. Community partners who took part in the development of the new pathway include KUSD facilities staff, Mahone Principal Terri Huck, YMCA leadership and Cicchini Asphalt. The path will provide easy access to the YMCA for all students.

In addition to the pathway, the troop also made Blankets on Wheels, a type of poncho for students who use wheelchairs so they may continue to use the new path during the cooler months of the year.


Milwaukee, WI – The Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee (HPGM) announced their 2016 leadership award winners. This year’s recipients will be honored at the HPGM Annual Meeting at the Pfister Hotel.

Tony Mallinger, HPGM Board Chair says, “Everyone at HPGM is excited, proud and honored to recognize this year’s winners. These awards showcase some of the best and brightest professionals in Milwaukee, who have made a tremendous impact on their communities and help shape our region into a great place to live, work and play.”

The following individuals will be recognized:

Vanessa Vasquez of Alverno College is the winner of the Future Leader Award, honoring an emerging, excelling young professional.

José Olivieri of Michael Best & Friedrich LLP will be honored with the Executive Leadership Award as a senior executive exemplifying inspiration, leadership and top performance.

Tammy Rivera of the Southside Organizing Committee will receive the Community Leader Award, recognizing an inspirational leader whose work with a nonprofit organization isstrengthening the Hispanic community.

Tony Pérez of the Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee will be recognized with the Public Sector Award, for his efforts to create a Hispanic community with greater voice and access, while inspiring others to serve.

Patty Cadorin of BMO Harris Bank will receive the first-ever HPGM Ally Award for her commitment to the promotion of diverse talent in her organization, industry, and community.

Martha Hernandez-Gomez, an undergraduate student at Carroll University, was chosen as the winner of the Student Leader Award, in recognition of excellence in both education andvolunteerism.

Ricardo Diaz of the United Community Center is the 2016 winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award, in recognition of his contributions to the upward mobility of Hispanics throughout his career and his role as a model for others to follow.

Johnson Controls, Inc. is the winner of the 2016 Corporation of the Year Award. “Johnson Controls has been an incredible corporate supporter of HPGM for many years and it is our honor to recognize them and the Johnson Controls team for their commitment to talent, diversity, workforce development and the betterment of our overall communities,” said Griselda Aldrete, President & CEO of HPGM.

John Bustos President

John Bustos President

Milwaukee – Bustos Media reacquired WDDW 104.7 FM, and shortly after doing so the media group announced it’s putting on the air its second FM station.

“LA 93.7 FM” hits the Milwaukee airwaves with a unique branding style sure to set a new trend in Spanish radio. The station’s name and brand is its frequency on the dial.  LA 93.7 FM – Puros Exitos “All Hits All The Time” is a blend of Spanish Regional and Adult Contemporary format with hits from the 80s, 90s, and Today.

John Bustos, Managing Partner, said,“Eleven years ago this month Bustos Media launched WDDW “La Gran D 104.7 FM” the first Spanish Language FM station in the history of Milwaukee in a ribbon cutting ceremony at the offices of the Milwaukee Hispanic Chamber of Commerce with community leaders.  It’s an honor and a blessing that now a decade later we are able to continue to contribute to the growing and vibrant Milwaukee Hispanic community and offer advertisers another media outlet”.

LA 93.7 FM will provide local programing for the Milwaukee market and originate out of the Bustos Media Broadcast Center in West Allis, WI.  It will be co-located with partner station La Gran D 104.7 FM.