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082615-fp-bottom-fold“Go Back to Univision!”: Trump Tells Jorge Ramos 

IOWA – Donald Trump’s press conference in Dubuque, Iowa went off the rails fast on Tuesday night when Univision anchor Jorge Ramos started questioning the candidate even though he had not been specifically called on by him.

“Excuse me, sit down, you weren’t called. Sit down!” Trump shouted at Ramos as he protested, “I have the right to ask a question.”

“No you don’t, go back to Univision,” Trump replied, attempting to call on another reporter in the room. At that point, security physically removed Ramos from the room.

Moments later, another reporter confronted Trump about Ramos’ removal. “I don’t believe I ever met him, except he started screaming and I didn’t escort him out, you’ll have to talk to security,” Trump said. “Certainly he wasn’t chosen. I chose you and you’re asking me questions. He just stands up and starts screaming so, you know, maybe he’s at fault, also.”

“I don’t even know where he is,” he added. “I don’t mind if he doesn’t come back, frankly.” Later, when another reporter asked Trump why he won’t take “tough questions,” he referred to Ramos as “obviously a very emotional person.”

On CNN last night, Ramos accused Trump of “spreading hate” with his immigration comments, asking, “How is he going to deport 11 million people? By bus? By plane? Is he going to bring the army to do that? Can you imagine the human rights violations that would create?”

Ramos later returned to the press conference room where he was able to confront Trump directly.

082615-fpmiddleExcessive Force by Racine Police Alleged 

RACINE — Racine police are alleged to have used excessive force while arresting a suspect this past week. Those accusations are coming from family members of the man who was arrested.

Racine police Report that they saw 30-year-old Joshua Ammon, wanted for a warrant out for his arrest on August 22nd near the corner of Washington and West Boulevard.

Witnesses say that once police stopped their squad a chase ensued.

Police caught up with Ammon.

One onlooker recorded Ammon’s arrest. The video shows police using a taser on Ammon, they then knee Ammon before sending in K-9 Officer “Odin,” who is seen in the video biting Ammon’s leg.

Racine police were looking for Ammon because he’d been threatening his girlfriend, according to Court Records.

Court documents also show Kenosha police warned Racine officers that Ammon, who had previously been convicted of battery, has fought with officers in the past.

Ammon was convicted of battery and intimidating a witness back in 2002.

In 2009, he was convicted of burglary, bail jumping and resisting an officer.

In this latest case filed against him, Ammon has been charged with:

• stalking (repeater – domestic abuse assesments)

• harassment (fear of death or great bodily harm/actor subject to injunction, domestic abuse assessments, repeater)

• disorderly conduct (repeater)

• resisting an officer causing a soft tissue injury to the officer (repeater)

• resisting an officer (repeater)

• felony intimidation of a witness (repeater)

• He’ll be in court on September 2nd for his preliminary hearing.


082615-fp-top-foldTens of Thousands Enjoyed Mexican Fiesta 

MILWAUKEE – The weather this past weekend could have not been any better for the thousands of festival goers who enjoyed a weekend of Mexican sabor at Mexican Fiesta.

Last week Friday, large crowds attended the first day testing out their new dance steps to the latest Latin beats.

The festival grounds was over flowing party with multi-flavored margaritas and rocking the night with energized mariachi music.

The music headliners: Espinoza Paz, La Adictiva Banda San José de Mesillas, Pablo Montero with Mariachi México Vive and Los Freddy’s did not disappoint. Many of the acts came directly from Mexico.

“We had a great time”, said Marion Diaz. “Every year we attend Mexican Fiesta from Rockford, Illinois and every year fiesta gets better.”

“I can’t wait for next year”, said Tony Ramos. “The food, music and just the entire atmosphere is just about nothing but party and having s good time.”

Mexican Fiesta officials have not released official count of this year’s attendance, but from the looks of the crowds this past weekend, if Mexican Fiesta did not surpass last year’s numbers, they clearly tied it.

081915-fp-bottom-foldWalker’s Point Center for the Arts Hires New Executive Director 

Milwaukee, WI – Walker’s Point Center for the Arts is proud to introduce our new Executive Director Ana Melo, who started on August 10. Ana grew up in the Walker’s Point neighborhood and has strong ties to the community.

Ana received a Master’s of Education in Teaching, Learning and Leadership from Cardinal Stritch University and holds an undergraduate degree in Interior Design and Fine Arts from Mount Mary University. She is currently enrolled in the Non-Profit Leadership & Management certificate program at UW Parkside. Ana is also a proud graduate of the Latino Non-Profit Leadership Program, Class IX.

Prior to becoming the executive director of WPCA, Ana served as the executive director of John XXIII Educational Center in Racine, WI. Her previous work also includes teaching at Milwaukee Area Technical College and Journey House Family Learning Center. Additionally, Ana is extremely involved in the community, serving as past president of the LULAC Latinas Council #330, director of communications for the Milwaukee Latino Carnival and as co-chair for the 2014 PALM ( Promoting Academics for Latino Milwaukee) Committee.

“I’m honored to serve such a prestigious organization and a community near and dear to my heart,” said Ana. “My vision is to continue to build upon the strong presence of the organization and to create new partnerships that align with our mission in bringing arts to youth, families and artists in the neighborhood of Walker’s Point and throughout the City of Milwaukee.

Her immediate goals include increasing the organization’s visibility, affirming and expanding partnerships, and organizing fundraising and community engaging events. She also plans to increase staffing capabilities and expand sources of funding, including individual donors and corporate partnerships, to further enhance programing.


Supervisor Mark Borkowski and Tim Carpenter

Aldermanic Race Still Toss Up

MILWAUKEE — The votes are in and for now, it appears Milwaukee County Supervisor Mark Borkowski edged State Senator Tim Carpenter in a special election to fill Milwaukee’s 11th Aldermanic District seat to replace Alderman Joe Dudzik who died in May after crashing his motorcycle.

Borkowski pulled in 51 percent of the vote — beating Carpenter by just 89 votes. The tally as of Tuesday night, August 18th was Borkowski 2,273 votes to Carpenter’s 2,184 votes.

Borkowski currently leads Carpenter, but the election commission said the results are not final until all absentee and provisional ballots are tabulated this Friday.

Once those votes are counted, the final results of the election will be announced.


081915-fp-top-foldCourt Rules Against SDC Injunction

Milwaukee – The Social Development Commission has lost its 30-year grip on a Milwaukee County contract to provide energy assistence services to low-income residents following a court ruling dismissing an injunction against Milwaukee County filed by the agency.

Milwaukee County Director of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Hector Colon said that the courts ruling moves energy assistance forward for eligible residents in Milwaukee County.

The Social Development Commission’s motion for a temporary restraining ordered aimed to prevent the DHHS from awarding WHEAP emergency contracts to Community Advocates and UMOS.

“Circuit Court Judge Hansher’s ruling against the restraining order is a win for thousands of residents across Milwaukee County who depend on energy assistance during the cold winter months. Many of these residents, like Jeanette Melcher on Milwaukee’s Southside are disabled, elderly and on fixed incomes. The energy assistance program helps residents manage their energy bills through those months with extreme lows and highs. The emergency contract that can now go through will make it possible for Community Advocates and UMOS to begin their outreach to the most vulnerable in our community, registering them for energy assistance and providing them with peace of mind. The Social Development commission has been a valuable partner in this effort for nearly 40 years and we thank them for that partnership. Our population, however, has become more diverse, and we have learned from our residents how hard it has been for them to wait in long lines at the SDC locations without appointments. Community Advocates and UMOS will take a proactive, multi-cultural approach to ensuring people like Jeanette Melcher are registered by phone, in their home or in their community for energy assistance. Now, I hope the County Board supports the contracts to these two agencies when they meet in September,” said Colon.

SDC’s current contract ends Sept. 30 paid the anti-poverty agency more than $1.2 million a year to help residents sign up for partial payments of utility bills and reconnection charges, fuel oil deliveries and costs of furnace repairs.

“Heating assistance for our residents shouldn’t be about politics and old loyalties,” County Executive Chris Abele said in supporting the change in contract.

081215-fp-bottom-foldKUSD Free Breakfast and Lunch Program

Kenosha Unified School District is participating in a Free Breakfast and Lunch program for the current school year – 2015-2016.  This alternative is referred to as the Community Eligibility Provision.  All students enrolled at the following school(s) may participate in the School Breakfast program and the National School Lunch Program at no charge.   Household applications are not required to receive free meals, but applications may be distributed by the school to collect household income data for other programs that require this information.

All students will be served breakfast and lunch at no charge at the following sites:

Bose, Brass, Bullen, Chavez Learning, Edward Bain Schools – Creative Arts and Dual Language, Frank, Grant, Grewenow, Hillcrest, Jefferson, Lincoln, McKinley, Reuther, Strange, Vernon and Wilson.

For additional information please contact: Kenosha Unified School District, Attention: Cindy Gossett, Food Service Director, 3600 52ndStreet Kenosha Wisconsin 53140,(262)359-6382.

081215-fp-middle-foldGasoline Prices Soar Overnight

Milwaukee – We’ve all grown accustomed to gas prices going up by 5 cents to 10 cents, but gas prices climbing 50 cents overnight, well that’s just out-of-line.

Prices at the pump appear to be spiraling higher at a time when cost of crude oil has fallen to its lowest point in six years.

The issue appears to be a combination of problems at a BP refinery in Indiana south of Chicago and a strong demand for gasoline brought about in part by cheap fuel prices, have caused the price of gasoline around Milwaukee to climb quickly.

It appears that until the problem is resolved, the Prices will keep rising.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that “wholesale price of gasoline has risen 90 cents a gallon since Monday”.

Predictions are that gas prices in the region “could jump 20 to 30 cents a gallon over the next few days. These are some dramatic price increases.”

The gasoline price increase has been brought about by production problems at BP’s Whiting, Ind., refinery.

The refinery is running at minimum rates as crews search for the source of leaks that forced the shutdown of its biggest crude processing unit Saturday, reports Bloomberg News.

The refinery’s main crude oil processing unit could be down for at least a month.

The BP Whiting refinery was modernized in 2013 at a cost of $1 billion. It can produce up to 19 million gallons of refined fuels a day.

Refineries use a complex combination of heat and chemicals to transform oil from its crude state into refined products such as gasoline and diesel fuel.

081215-fp-top-foldSDC Files Injunction Against Milwaukee County

August 12, 2015 – Milwaukee, Wis. – Community Relations – Social Development Commission (SDC) this week filed an emergency motion with Milwaukee County Circuit Court seeking a temporary restraining order against Milwaukee County. The injunction aims to stop Milwaukee County from proceeding with an award of contracts to UMOS and Community Advocates for the 2015-16 Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Contract.

Earlier this month, Department of Health and Human Services Director Hector Colon issued contracts to Community Advocates and UMOS under “emergency authority.” Colon violated state statute 59.52 (31), which requires that all contracts in excess of $300,000 receive approval from the full County Board of Supervisors. County Comptroller Scott Manske, who is required to countersign the contracts and is responsible for issuing funds, refused to issue the full funding request citing that the contracts had not received approval of the County Board.

At the July 30 meeting of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, the board voted against approval of the contracts for UMOS and Community Advocates, and in favor of extending the contracts of the current providers, SDC and Community Advocates, for a six-month period. The Department of Health and Human Services, who administers the WHEAP contract, was directed to obtain public input on the new service model they wish to implement and develop a new Request for Proposal (RFP) based on community feedback.

“SDC felt it was necessary to seek an injunction because the County’s administration blatantly violated what is clearly spelled out in our state statutes,” said SDC CEO George Hinton. “The administration is setting a dangerous precedent by acting as though the law is something that can be applied selectively.” Hinton went on to say, “Director Colon’s disregard for the decision made by our County Supervisors, and thus the will of the people, is deeply disturbing.”

A judge will hear SDC’s motion for injunctive relief on the afternoon of Friday, August 14.

080515-fp-middle-foldArchdiocese Settles Bankruptcy

Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki announced that the Archdiocese of Milwaukee has reached a collective settlement with abuse survivors of clergy sexual abuse for $21 million, setting the stage to close the Chapter 11 proceeding filed on January 4, 2011.  The proposed settlement agreement will be outlined in an Amended Plan of Reorganization to be filed in U.S. Bankruptcy court on August 24, and Judge Susan V. Kelley is expected to review the Plan at a hearing on November 9.

Archbishop Listecki said if the plan is approved, it officially ends the bankruptcy case and allows the archdiocese to return its full attention to the spiritual, charitable and educational mission of the Church.

“Today, we turn the page on a terrible part of our history and we embark on a new road lined with hope, forgiveness and love,” Archbishop Listecki said.

“This settlement represents for us in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee a new Pentecost, a day of rebirth that renews our focus on Word, Worship and Service,” Listecki said.  “We do so remembering those who have been harmed; keeping them in our prayers; supporting them through therapy and healing; promising never to forget the evil that has been done; and working diligently to ensure this never happens again.”

“This chapter will live on in our memories forever, but now we can turn the page from that chapter and focus on the future,” Archbishop Listecki said.  “We turn that page by rededicating ourselves to the spiritual, educational and charitable mission of the Church — igniting our enthusiasm in our parishes and schools; renewing our commitment to Jesus Christ and His Church; and energizing ourselves and others in our prayer and ministry.

“This has been a long process filled with prayer, patience and perseverance, but I am pleased to have reached the goal of providing compensation to those who have been harmed; creating a path toward healing; and allowing the Church to continue its mission,” Archbishop Listecki said.

The agreement was endorsed by both the Archdiocese of Milwaukee finance Council and the College of Consultors, according to Archbishop Listecki.

The settlement came after three days of mediation and negotiations between the archdiocese, the Creditors’ Committee, and attorneys for abuse survivors July 15-17, in Milwaukee.

080515-fp-top-fold-pix-1National Night Out at Kosciuszko Park

Kosciusko Park was just one site out many others in various communities across the city highlighting crime prevention this week during the annual National Night Out event.

National Night Out is held across the country on the first Tuesday in August. It’s an event to encourage police-community parternships and heighten awareness of local crime, drug and violence prevention.

It’s an annual community-building campaign, bringing police and residents together for a number of fun activities.

From Sheboygan to Milwaukee to Wauwatosa, there were several National Night Out events that included block parties, cookouts, safety demonstrations and games.

In Kosciusko Park up to 1,000 people participated listening to music, interacting with Milwaukee Fire and Police representatives. The Milwaukee County Sheriff was also represented.

Milwaukee County Supervisor Peggy Romo West hosted the National Night out at Kosciusko Park. “This is one of my favorite events of the year”, said Romo West.

At Veterans Park in Sheboygan, folks were expected to participate in the annual “Walk Against Crime.”The hope is to help people take back their neighborhoods from crime.

There are about 16,000 events like these around the country.


080515-fpCrime On The Rise In South Side

MILWAUKEE — After an alarming increase in crime took hold of Milwaukee’s south side these past few weeks, Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan and Alderman Jose Perez called for a community meeting with police to discuss the seemingly out of control situation.

The meeting was attended by several dozen people who expressed concern about police response and the number of children committing crimes in the south side.

The community meeting was held at Ascension Lutheran Church at 1236 S. Layton Boulevard in Milwaukee.

“This is your meeting and we want to hear from you — and I know the police do as well,” Alderman Bob Donovan said.

The overwhelming complaint from neighbors during the meeting was that it takes too long for police to show up when they dial 911.

Representatives from the Milwaukee Police Department listened to the concerns and took notes as each citizen stood and spoke out — explaining how they’ve faced violence in their neighborhoods.

One area resident, Oscar Montes said police response is a big problem.

“It’s three and a half hours later, four hours later,” he said. “And if we do get a police response, they don’t send a squad. They send cops on bicycles.”

“We have, over the years, decreased significant number of officers and expected far more of them,” Donovan said.

Donovan said the city needs to restore THE JOBS of 300 officers.

Perez said the blame falls on parents reading juvenile crime.

“And the parents don’t know where their kids are,” Perez said. “And I know that’s part of the reason (we) need some personal responsibility to stay on top of our young people.”

072915-fp-bottom-foldBrewers did not trade Carlos Gomez to the the Mets 

Milwaukee – New York Mets, general manager Sandy Alderson DENIED a trade had taken place, per Adam Rubin of ESPN New York: “There is no trade, and unfortunately social media etc. got ahead of the facts and may have had adverse effect on one of the players rumored to be involved.”

MLB Network’s Joel Sherman was the first to REPORT a deal was in place. Andy Martino of the New York Daily News added the details of the supposed trade, noting that Milwaukee would receive shortstop Wilmer Flores and pitcher Zack Wheeler in return.’s Anthony DiComo reported the trade was done pending medical evaluations prior to falling APART. He also reiterated the Gomez trade will not happen in the future. Brewers GM Doug Melvin CONFIRMED the deal was done contingent on medicals, which ended up preventing the trade from happening, via Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Haudricourt also said Wheeler’s medical evaluation was the one that caused the deal to fall apart.

There is nothing at issue with Carlos Gomez’s health. He is playing every day. That is the proof of his health. He is fine.

So it now appears Gomez isn’t going anywhere.

Gomez was an All-Star the past two seasons for Milwaukee and won a Gold Glove in 2013, but he hasn’t played quite to the same LEVEL in 2015, partly due to injury. He suffered a hamstring injury in April, and that may have contributed to the groin and hip issues he’s dealt with more recently. ESPN Stats & Info provided a breakdown of how Gomez’s WAR has declined over the past few years:

Gomez is so highly coveted on the trade market in part because his contract runs through next season, when he’s owed a manageable $9 million salary, per Spotrac.

He also hits with power, and his usual swift speed TRANSLATES well to covering plenty of ground on defense and putting pressure on opponents when he’s on base.

072915-fp-middle-foldTwo Men Identified In Kenosha Plane Crash

Two Kentucky men killed in a plane crash where on their way to EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh. The two were identified by the Kenosha County sheriff’s office Tuesday as pilot William Lester Lanman, 69, of Louisville and James Dan Arnold, 43, of Crestwood.

Kenosha County Sheriff’s Office was contacted Sunday morning by Winnebago County authorities about an overdue plane.

The Zenith CH601XL airplane was last known to be on its way to the air show and was about 20 hours overdue.

Kenosha County Sheriff’s deputies immediately began a search for the missing plane — along with the Wisconsin Civil Air Patrol.

A crash site was located just after 12:30 p.m. in a grassy field — several hundred yards south of a home on 60th Street in Kenosha County.

The crash remained under investigation Tuesday by the FEDERAL Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board, according to the release.


072915-fp-top-foldArturo Rodriguez: “For 50 Years UMOS Has Done Phenomenal Work”

Arturo Rodriguez, president of the United Farm Workers (UFW), founded by Cesar E.Chávez and Delores Huerta visited Milwaukee this past week.

Rodriguez joined the UFW in 1973, after he met Chávez. For 40 years Rodriguez has been organizing boycotts and fighting for civil rights in the agricultural industry.

Today, the UFW has a majority of undocumented workers in its ranks working in America’s farm fields.

Rodriquez visited Milwaukee invited by the United Migrants opportunity Services (UMOS) to be the agency’s keynote speaker in celebration of UMOS 50th Anniversary.

In an interview with the Spanish Journal Rodriquez stated that he was excited to be in Milwaukee to take part in the UMOS 50th anniversary celebration.

“I am so happy to take part in UMOS celebration because for 50 years UMOS has done phenomenal work”, said Rodriquez.

The leader of the UFW went on to say that UMOS plays a key role in providing services for migrant families and supporting migrant workers. He also said that UMOS is a key partner in the struggle for dignity and the fight for the rights of the migrant workers.

“Although, back in the 1970s times were very hard and many were hurt because of aggressive actions by the police, today, things are still hard. The dogs, and bricks being thrown at us are not as common, we still must face tough political opposition to ensure our farm workers are protected and treated justly”, said Rodriquez.

Besides working so hard without benefits, farmers risk their lives and live day to day worried about their families, says Rodriguez. And today, the number of undocumented farm workers is much higher than ever before.

“I’m here not only to celebrate with UMOS the tremendous achievements of the great organization, but to show I support UMOS as we move forward into the future continuing this work of Justice”, said Rodriquez.

072215-fp-bottom-foldMCW Training Program Receives Federal Funding

Milwaukee – The Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) has received a 5-year, $1.5 million training grant from the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute of General Medicine Sciences to fund MCW’s Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP). The MSTP provides clinical and research training as an educational foundation for future academic physician scientists.

Joseph T. Barbieri, PhD, professor and interim chair of microbiology and molecular genetics at MCW, and director of the MSTP, is the recipient of the training grant. Gilbert C. White II, MD; Calvin B. Williams, MD, PhD; and Nita H. Salzman, MD, PhD are associate directors of the program and Carol Knapp is the MSTP office administrator.

There is a shortage of physician scientists who conduct research in the basic sciences and also have academic careers in medicine. This training grant supports students seeking a dual MD-PhD degree by providing a stipend and full tuition  scholarship during all years of graduate and medical studies.

“MCW is one of the largest private medical schools in the nation, and also one of the fastest growing medical schools in the field of research. Our MSTP students gain knowledge and experience through a combination of classroom training, hands-on patient care, and a variety of research experiences, which puts our graduates on top-tier career paths,” said Dr. Barbieri.

072215-fp-middle-foldGreen Box Criminal Inquiry Initiated

MADISON, WI – As Governor Walker continues to travel across the country pursuing his presidential ambitions, a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel report revealed that Green Box corporation is under criminal scrutiny for possibly fraudulently receiving $1.2 million in loans from the State of Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC).

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that WEDC officials plotted to steer taxpayer dollars to Republican campaign contributor even after learning that the business owned by that contributor had provided falsified and misleading information about their financial health.

“The ongoing corruption and mismanagement at the WEDC is a black eye for our state,” said Senate Democratic Leader Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse). “I understand that Gov. Walker wants to focus on his presidential campaign but the legislature has a responsibility to look out for Wisconsin taxpayers.”

Senate Democrats introduced a proposal that would have required WEDC employees to report fraudulent activity to law enforcement authorities. The proposal was rejected by Senate Republicans on a 19-14 party-line vote.

“It’s hard to believe that the corruption and potential criminal violations that have been exposed at the WEDC are isolated incidents,” added Shilling. “Senate Republicans should stop selling out Wisconsin families to protect the special interest donors behind Gov. Walker’s presidential campaign. It’s time to take action to correct these problems and prevent the WEDC from spiraling further out of control.”

The criminal investigation is ongoing.


072215-fp-top-foldCrying Children Plea for Walker to Keep Family Together 

Plainfield, Iowa – Presidential candidate and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was campaigning in Plainfield, Iowa last week, courting support for his bid to be the Republican nominee for president of the United States.

While walking on the streets of Plainfield Walker was met by Jose Flores, an undocumented immigrant frim Wisconsin who was accompanied by his 13-year-old daughter Leslie and 7-year-old son Luis, both are United States naturalized citizens.

Walker walked up to Mr. Flores and was immediately asked by Leslie “Why are you trying to break my family apart?”

Walker immediately started to speak directly to Jose Flores shaking his  hand and replied that he completely sympathize with the situation the Flores family was facing but would not explain why he did not support deferred action.

Walker was QUOTED as saying: “The fact is, we’re a nation of laws. And unfortunately, the president last year, after saying 22 times before last year that he couldn’t make the law himself, he said he wasn’t the emperor, he was the president of the United States and he couldn’t change the law, he decided to change the law even though the courts announced that you can’t do that.”.

The Flores famIly from Waukesha, Wisconsin was sponsored to be there with the financial support of the immigrant rights advocacy group, Voices de la Frontera.

Because Walker, and other governors, filed suit against Obama, who moved executive action to allow undocumented citizens deferred status, granting certain undocumented immigrants temporary legal status which would end any effort to deport undocumented immigrants like Jose Flores.

The Flores family fear deportation of their father because of Walkers suit preventing Obama’s executive action from being implemented.

Walker said, “I support the lawsuit because I believe the president can’t be above the law”.

Walker then left the family leaving a crying Leslie and Luis in his wake.