Remarks By Forward Latino National President, Darryl Morin On Shooting Of Jacob Blake

Franklin, WI. – Yesterday we saw the appalling video of yet another black man being shot by law enforcement. He was shot in front of his children, after attempting to de-escalate a dispute

between two individuals. All reports indicate that he was unarmed. That man is now fighting for his life. His name is Jacob Blake.

Most of us have seen the video of Mr. Blake being held by his shirt, and shot in the back, seven (7) times at point-blank range by an officer or officers of the Kenosha Police Department.

Today we all stand together in praying for Mr. Blake and his family during this most difficult and tragic time.

While we await the details and findings of the Wisconsin Department of Justice, we reiterate our demands for a thorough and transparent investigation. An investigation that shares all relevant information and video footage with the family and the community.

Today many are attempting to politicize the issue of public safety, using terms such as “Back the Badge.” How can this be in question as each year we, the taxpayers pay billions of dollars salaries and benefits to police officers. We pay billions more so that they can have the latest equipment and training. But beyond our investment in law enforcement, we trust them with a unique authority.

We authorize them to take the life a person without a judge or jury when witnessing an imminent danger. This is an immense responsibility, and as such, demands equal accountability.

The discussion needs to be about social justice, about public safety, about the law being applied and enforced equally to all without regard for color, religion, orientation, language or gender. It needs to be about us, not them. For our police will only be successful with community support, and our community needs officers who live up to their sworn oaths to protect all equally.

So today as we await more details, we call for the following actions. First, we call for a thorough and transparent investigation. We call for a review of the Kenosha Police Department’s use of force policies. And lastly, we call for a review of the police departments timeline for full implementation community-oriented policing here in Kenosha.

Thank you and may God place his healing hand on Jacob Blake and his family.