Academy Award Winner John Ridley visited Rufus King

Milwaukee- On Thursday, March 21, Academy Award Winning Screenwriter and Filmmaker, John Ridley visited a group of aspiring writers, 30 Rufus King High School students engaging in new program with No Studios. Writing Blocks is a literary cohort working in collaboration with No Studios designed for avid readers and developing writers of all ages. This is a student-centered program that encourages both the reflection and production of literary work including fine art. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities that foster the expression of individual thought and opinion.  No Studios is a creative incubator space created by Oscar-winning screenwriter & filmmaker John Ridley best known for “12 Years a Slave” and creator of the ABC drama “American Crime”. During book launches at No Studios, both youth and guest members communicated a deep desire to learn more about the Writer’s Journey in a step-by-step literary workshop. In response, two MPS educators collaborated with No Studios to create an inclusive workshop to meet the expressed needs of the community. OWB provides literary artists with resources and networking opportunities that support the advancement of the arts in the city of Milwaukee. It guides young readers and writers through a process of quality instructional practices aligned to Wisconsin’s learning standards. Participating students build upon background knowledge, edit content, summarize text, and help publicize literary works of art. Avid readers, writers, and developing artists of all ages engage in group discussions, role-playing, and share ideas and opinion through social media platforms.