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070115-roberto-ruiz-pix-1Bo Ryan Leaves Behind a Legacy

In a shocking announcement, the man who has coached the University of Wisconsin men’s basketball team for the past 14 seasons has announced that he will be retiring after the 2015-16 season. Ryan is without question the best coach that the Wisconsin basketball program has seen, and he will be leaving a legacy behind that most coaches can only dream of.

While never winning a NCAA championship, Ryan’s squads participated in the NCAA March Madness tournament in each of the 14 seasons that Ryan was at the helm. Prior to Ryan, Wisconsin had participated in only seven tournaments in its history. Ryan led the team to back-to-back Final Four’s, including a heartbreaking loss in the national championship game against Duke this past season that. If the Badgers had beaten Duke, it would have been the ultimate team vs individuals’ triumph. Like most top-tier programs, Duke has opened its arms whole heartedly to the one and done players of this era. Players who play one year for Wisconsin and leave for the pros have never been, and will never be, displaying Badger red. That is because Bo Ryan believes in building well-rounded men as well as professional basketball players.

At the collegiate level, Ryan has amassed 740 victories against only 228 losses. His four championships and 373 victories at University of Wisconsin-Platteville should not, and cannot be ignored. Ryan brought an unmatched intelligence to the game of basketball. His swing offense helped keep overmatched Badger squads in games and in championship contention when the talent level would suggest otherwise. Recruiting mostly in-state players from Wisconsin, which is far from a high school basketball powerhouse, Ryan created a contender literally every year that he was in power.

Ryan hopes that the Badgers will turn to his longtime assistant, and expected successor, Greg Gard to help keep up the level of competitiveness that the state of Wisconsin has grown to expect from its main collegiate basketball program. Gard, who is a Wisconsin native and attended UW-Platteville, began coaching under Ryan in 1993 but did not become the assistant head coach until 2008.

The one knock against Ryan had always been, until two seasons ago, that he had never coached a team to the final four at the division one level. Now the knock is that he has never won a NCAA championship at the D-1 level. Claiming that Bo Ryan doesn’t deserve to be considered one of the best NCAA basketball coaches of all time because he never won a D-1 championship is like saying that Dan Marino doesn’t deserve to be considered one of the best quarterbacks of all time because of his lack of a Super Bowl ring.

After leading his team to the final four for the first time in 2014, and following that up with leading his team to the championship game for the first time in 2015, Badger fans can only hope that he follows that up with a miracle championship team in his final season. Except nobody expects the team this season to win a championship; that hope faded when Sam Dekker entered the NBA draft. Without star players Frank Kaminsky or Dekker, hopes for this team have to rest with winning a big ten championship and having a decent showing in the NCAA tournament.

Bo Ryan is one of the best coaches of all time, period. End of discussion. When Ryan walks away from the game of basketball after this season, we will lose a great teacher, a great coach, a great mentor, and a great man.

Thank you, Coach Ryan.

070115-deportes-pix-2Argentina debe mejorar la puntería para llegar a la final

Argentina es el equipo que más remata, el que más estrellas acumula en ataque y quizá el que mejor futbol despliega, aunque para superar este martes en Concepción la muralla de Paraguay y jugar la final de la Copa América deberá mejorar la puntería.

El gol es la asignatura pendiente de la Albiceleste, la selección más brillante —por juego— del torneo, junto al anfitrión Chile. Y la definición será aún más relevante ante un equipo cerrado como el guaraní, que tras el partido de la primera fase ha cimentado sus líneas y concede poco.

Argentina es el conjunto que más remates ha intentado en el certamen (66 TIROS, 22 más que Paraguay), pero sólo anotó cuatro goles, dos de ellos en el empate inicial ante la Albirroja, que remontó un 2-0 en el segundo tiempo (2-2 final) y desde entonces no ha parado de crecer.

Paraguay, a su vez, volverá a cerrar bien las líneas, a presionar fuerte y a buscar el contragolpe, así como las jugadas a balón parado, con las que ha logrado seis de los últimos ocho goles en las más recientes Copas América.

Los ojos estarán puestos sobre el árbitro brasileño Sandro Ricci, quien expulsó a Edinson Cavani en la polémica jugada con Gonzalo Jara en el Chile-Uruguay.

Más allá del posible juego brusco y cómo lo frena Ricci, varios jugadores ya amonestados en cuartos de final podrían perderse el juego por el título, si ven otra tarjeta amarilla. La Albiceleste es la más preocupada, porque tiene a tres determinantes amenazados: Messi, Javier Mascherano y Sergio Agüero.

070115-fp-bottom-foldUCC Boxer Prepares To Take On The World

Milwaukee – Luis Feliciano boxing out of the United Community Center gym under the mentorship and TRAINING of  Israel “Shorty” Acosta is the reigning national amateur champion at 141 pounds and is ranked No. 1 by USA Boxing.

This month Feliciano finished second in a Pan Am Games qualifier in Tijuana, Mexico, beating boxers from varying Latin American countries before losing a close decision in the final to Joedison Teixeira de Jesus of Brazil.

This July in Toronto, Canada, Feliciano  is going to be representing the United States at the Pan American Games, boxing competition from July 18-25.

The 22 year-old Marquette University graduate has a DEGREE IN criminology and law studies.

Feliciano says that if he performs well at the Pan Am Games, he’ll prepare for the U.S. Olympic trials, with the personal goal to make the U.S. team for the 2016 Summer Games.

The Spanish Journal wishes Feliciano all the best and CONTINUED success.

062415-roberto-ruiz-pix1Frank Kaminsky Will be Better than Advertised

Frank Kaminsky was one of the best Wisconsin Badger basketball players to walk the halls of UW-Madison ever. Better than Alando Tucker, Devin Harris, Michael Finley, and others that preceded him. Though Kaminsky fell short of bringing a national championship to Wisconsin he led his team to back to back Final Four’s, including one national championship game appearance, which is quite an accomplishment compared to previous Badger teams.

Kaminsky will long be remembered as the pale, lanky, goofy 7-footer who befuddled defenses with his combination of size, shooting, and a weird blend of athleticism. I suppose the one question left to ask would be why do people feel like he can’t succeed at the NBA level? Kaminsky averaged 18.8 points and 8.2 rebounds per game as a senior while shooting 41% from 3-point range. “Frank the Tank”, as he was affectionately known throughout much of his junior and senior season, frustrated even the biggest pro prospects throughout his career, including the Harrison twins from the University of Kentucky.

Professional teams are continuing the trend of seeking versatile big men. Centers that can not only bang down low but are also able to run the court and space the floor when needed. Kaminsky fits that role perfectly and is humble enough to come off the bench instead of demanding to be a starter no matter how much he earns that role. While shooting 40% from the NBA 3-point line might prove challenging for Kaminsky, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him approaching 40% multiple times during his NBA career. Combine that with his variety of low-post moves that showcase his sneaky athleticism, and you have one underrated bench player that will often be overlooked by the opposing team.

A few short months ago I proclaimed that Kaminsky didn’t have the NBA “look” and would never be anything more than a role player on an NBA team. I stated that Sam Dekker had a significantly higher upside and that he was the former Badger to follow in the pros. While I still think Dekker has higher ceiling, I would also say that Kaminsky has a higher floor. A solid 10 year career could very easily be in the cards for Kaminsky, and I don’t know many people who would disagree with that assessment.

Kaminsky will probably never be considered the best player of this draft, but he could easily be considered the steal of the draft.

Los Warriors le sacan punta a “soy el mejor jugador del mundo”

El viejo refrán que dice que “las palabras se las lleva el viento” no aplica siempre, sino pregúntenle a  LeBron James.

Sí, cuando James decidió humildemente -en VIVO, en televisión nacional- decir que “soy el mejor jugador del mundo, así de simple” a 48 horas de perder un campeonato, esto le costó críticas de diversos flancos, incluyendo sus rivales, los eventualmente coronados campeones de la NBA, Warriors de Golden State.

Por ejemplo, una de las estrellas de Golden State, Klay Thompson, aludió indirectamente a las expresiones de James. En la conferencia de prensa tras la victoria 105 por 97 de sus Warriors sobre los Cavaliers de James, Thompson identificó al mejor jugador del mundo como alguien que no es parte del equipo que perdió la final.

“Se siente bien decir somos el mejor equipo del mundo, con el mejor jugador del mundo, el hombre sentado aquí a mi derecha”, dio Thompson, señalando a Steph Curry, el Jugador Más Valioso (MVP, por sus siglas en inglés) de la temporada regular. Ambos reían, contrario a la CARA larga de James cuando atendió a la prensa un rato después.

Pero esto no se quedó ahí. También le tiró su zarpazo Andre Iguodala, el que cargó con la responsabilidad defensiva sobre James.

Entrevistado luego del partido por NBA TV, Iguodala criticó a James directamente por proclamarse el mejor. “Cuando él dijo que soy el mejor jugador del mundo, no debió haberlo dicho, todos lo sabemos, es un gran jugador, hizo a todos los jugadores de su equipo mejor, y llevar a este equipo con tantos jugadores lesionados, eso habla sobre ti”, dijo el exabridor.

Hay que recordar que Iguodala fue el que ganó el MVP de la final, premio que algunos especularon se lo llevaría James, lo que lo hubiera colocado junto a Jerry West -figura tan importante en la NBA que el logo de la entidad está inspirado en él- como los únicos en ganar un MVP de la serie final jugando con el equipo perdedor.

Indaga Suiza 53 transacciones de FIFA

Ginebra, Suiza— Bancos reportaron 53 operaciones bancarias sospechosas a las autoridades suizas que luchan contra el blanqueo de dinero, en el marco del caso por corrupción que afecta a la FIFA, declaró el Fiscal General, Michael Lauber.

“Revelamos de manera positiva que los bancos en Suiza han cumplido con su obligación en materia de actividades sospechosas relacionadas con CUENTAS bancarias”, destacó.

“Además de las 104 relaciones bancarias ya conocidas por las autoridades, los bancos denunciaron 53 relaciones bancarias sospechosas a la Autoridad Antiblanqueo de Capitales de Suiza”.

La justicia de ese país investiga los procesos de elección de las sedes de los Mundiales de 2018 y 2022, que fueron otorgados a Rusia y Qatar.

Paralelamente, la justicia estadounidense imputó a 14 miembros de la FIFA y directivos de empresas de MARKETING relacionadas con el organismo, a los que acusa de haberse apropiado de 150 millones de dólares en sobornos en las últimas dos décadas.

Siete miembros de la FIFA permanecen detenidos en Suiza a la espera de su extradición a Estados Unidos.

Estas detenciones se produjeron dos días antes de las elecciones por la presidencia de la FIFA en las que el suizo Joseph Blatter, de 79 años, fue reelegido PARA un quinto mandato, aunque sólo cuatro días después anunció su dimisión.

El Fiscal dijo que no descarta entrevistar a Blatter y al secretario general de la Federación, Jerome Valcke.

061715-deportes-pix-1Levantan la Copa

Chicago –  La Copa Stanley se queda en Chicago.

Por tercera ocasión en seis años, los Blackhawks de Chicago se coronaron campeones de la NHL, luego de superar 2-0 al Lightning de Tampa Bay en el sexto partido de las Finales, celebrado en el United Center.

Los campeonatos anteriores de Chicago, que se llevó 4-2 la serie, se dieron en las campañas de 2010 y 2013.

Es el sexto título en la historia de la franquicia de Chicago y el primer equipo que suma tres campeonatos en seis temporadas desde que los Red Wings de Detroit lo hicieron en 1997, 1998 y 2002.

061715-roberto-ruiz-pix-1Difficult to Find Positives for Brewers

In what has certainly been a trying season for owner Mark Attanasio, the Brewers have continued their free fall as of late. Comfortably occupying last place in the central division, the Brewers are struggling to find wins against quality and weak opponents alike.

Ryan Braun has continued his descent since injuring his thumb last season (and returning from suspension for performance enhancing drugs), and is no longer a perennial National League MVP candidate. For a player who was hitting .298 or higher in every season but one since being called up to the majors, a sub .250 average is simply not acceptable. Jonathan Lucroy, who has often been hailed as the best catcher in the league by MLB insiders, has been hovering around the  .220 average while lacking pop to his bat and failing to take walks at the rate he was last year. Carlos Gomez, who remains one of the best defensive centerfielders in the league, has seen his production at the plate drop significantly since his heyday last season.

The lone bright spot, if there is one in a season that will likely see the Brewers finish 30 or more games below .500, is Jean Segura. After struggling to make consistent contact with the baseball last year, and often swinging at pitches he had no business swinging at, he has upped his average to .275 this year and has consistently found holes in the defense. Unfortunately, his bat still lacks any kind of power and he avoids walks like they are the plague. In today’s world of advanced metrics hitting .275 with a .300 on base percentage while not hitting for power is simply not acceptable, but it is promising to at least see his average jump over the Mendoza line.

What is left to look forward to for this Brewers crew? Maybe we can convince some poor team to take on Braun, Adam Lind, or Aramis Ramirez. Trading Lucroy isn’t out of the realm of possibility either with defensive whiz Martin Maldonado backing him up, but having two great defensive catchers at your disposal is not something to give up for cheap. Kyle Lohse, who has been abysmal this year, wouldn’t fetch an open pack of Winterfresh on the open market. Neither would Matt Garza, nor any of the younger pitchers that were supposed to be on extended tryouts this year. These tryouts have gone poorly with the possible exception of Wily Peralta, whose season long ERA of 4.00 is nothing to get excited about.

Counsell has shown patience in his role as leader of this disappointing team, but what an unfortunate position to throw a rookie manager. Perhaps the Brewers should take a hint from their rival in St. Louis and start hacking into other teams’ computers to access their files. Remember when the Cardinals complained about the “unprofessionalism” displayed by the Brewers after Milwaukee victories? I’d rather have my team untucking their shirts after victories than committing felonies that gets the FBI involved. I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

061015-deprtes-pix-3Con el partido entre el país anfitrión y China se dio inició a la Copa Mundial Femenina

Las selecciones de Canadá y China dieron el pistoletazo de salida al Mundial femenino de Canadá-2015 este sábado, en el Commonwealth Stadium de Edmonton.

El torneo, que se disputa del 6 de junio al 5 de julio y cuenta con 24 selecciones por primera vez en su historia, es el primer campeonato que se disputa después del escándalo de corrupción que azota a la FIFA desde hace semanas.

El secretario general de la FIFA, Jerome Valcke, debía acudir a la ceremonia inaugural pero finalmente canceló su participación tras anunciar Joseph Blatter que dimitía como presidente de la organización.

Canadá y China están encuadradas en el Grupo A junto a Nueva Zelanda y Holanda, que jugarán a partir de la 01h00 GMT.

El Mundial se juega en seis sedes: Vancouver, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Moncton, Montreal y Edmonton.

Canadá derrotó 1-0 a China en partido inaugural del Mundial Femenino

La selección canadiense derrotó 1-0 a su par de China gracias a un penal a los 90+2 minutos, este sábado en Edmonton, en el partido inaugural del Mundial femenino de 2015, que se disputa del 6 de junio al 5 de junio en Canadá.

Las locales fueron muy superiores y gozaron de las mejores ocasiones del partido, pero las atacantes norteamericanas no estuvieron acertadas de cara a portería y sólo pudieron ganar gracias a una pena máxima transformada en el tiempo de descuento por su estrella Christine Sinclair.

Canadá acusó los nervios del estreno a pesar del apoyo incondicional de las 53.000 personas que abarrotaron las gradas del Commonwealth Stadium.

Lideradas sobre el terreno de juego por sus dos mejores jugadoras, Sinclair y Sophie Schmidt, las locales lo intentaron todo para marcar, llegaron a estrellar un balón en la escuadra en la primera mitad y disfrutaron de un mano a mano contra la arquera china a falta de 10 minutos para el final.

De esta forma, Canadá lidera el Grupo A con tres puntos y China es última con 0 mientras que las otras dos integrantes de la llave, Nueva Zelanda y Holanda, se enfrentaban a partir de la 01H00 GMT en el mismo estadio.

061015-deportes-pix-2Juventus firma a Sami Khedira por cuatro temporadas

Turín, Ita.- Juventus, actual campeón del Calcio italiano, firmó al centrocampista alemán Sami Khedira con un contrato de cuatro temporadas, dando inicio el 1 de julio de 2015 hasta el 30 de junio de 2019, anunció el club “bianconero”.

El nacido en Stuttgart se incorpora a la “Vecchia Signora” procedente del Real Madrid, club que se hizo de sus servicios en el verano 2010, con el que en cinco temporadas obtuvo una Liga de España, dos Copas del Rey y una Supercopa de España.

Además, a nivel europeo consiguió una Champions League, un Mundial de Clubes y una Supercopa Europea y con su selección obtuvo la Eurocopa Sub 21 en 2009 y en 2014 ganó la Copa Mundial de Brasil 2014, con la selección mayor.

El mediocampista de 28 años debutó con el Stuttgart el 1 de octubre de 2006 ante el Hertha Berlín, en esa temporada acumuló 22 partidos 16 como titular, para llevarse ese mismo año la Liga de Alemania, teniendo como compañeros a los mexicanos Pavel Pardo y Ricardo Osorio.

061015-deportes-pix-1Cristiano Ronaldo anuncia película sobre su vida

Distrito Federal.- El futbolista portugués Cristiano Ronaldo, del Real Madrid, anunció este martes en las redes sociales el estreno de un documental basado en su vida.

“Estoy feliz de confirmar que se está produciendo una película sobre mí. Estar pendientes para más información en @RonaldoFilm” escribió en Twitter.

El ariete lusitano explicó que la película se titulará “Ronaldo” y se estrenará en el próximo otoño.

Universal Pictures será la casa productora que se encargará en realizar el filme del ganador del Balón de Oro 2014.

La grabaciones de la película del delantero del Real Madrid comenzaron en enero del 2014, cuando Cristiano ganó su segundo Balón de Oro y terminaron con el fin de la temporada de futbol España.

Actualmente el capitán de la selección de Portugal se encuentra de vacaciones en Costa Azul, Francia.


Rodgers Expects a Return to Super Bowl

Aaron Rodgers is 31 years old and is clearly the best quarterback in the NFL today. Within the five remaining years on his contract, Rodgers fully expects to return to and win another Super Bowl and thinks that this year’s team has the talent to get it done.

“I think the talent is definitely there,” Rodgers said during an interview Tuesday. “But just like last year, you’ve got to see how the team comes together.”

Rodgers has not watched last year’s NFC Championship game against the Seattle Seahawks, what’s the point? He knows how close they were to returning to the Super Bowl against a team that they had already beaten earlier that year. He knows that had he not injured his calf a few weeks prior, the offense would have been much deadlier and likely would have put up more points. He knows that if players had stuck to their assignments, it would have been the Green and Gold in the Super Bowl. Rodgers would not gain a thing by re-watching that game.

The fact is that Rodgers is returning healthy this year, so is Eddie Lacy, so is Jordy Nelson, and so is Randall Cobb. The most dangerous offense in the NFL is returning healthy and intact while the defense has been injected with some young blood. Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix is returning after a stellar rookie campaign and expects to be entrenched as the playmaking safety. Clay Matthews will continue to wreak havoc from all over the field in his new hybrid role, and Julius Peppers will attempt to stave off father time for one more year and turn in another vintage performance.

The Seattle Seahawks will be returning as well, with confidence in spades I am sure. Fluky wins over the Packers seems to be their calling card, which will make it that much more exciting when the Packers beat them in Lambeau Field on September 20th. Sure, pull out some lucky plays when playing in Seattle, but try it here in Green Bay and you are walking out a loser.

The Dallas Cowboys will return a solid team from last year, minus offensive player of the year DeMarco Murray. They also finished last year on a sour note after Dez Bryant couldn’t hold on to a Hail Mary pass that would have put Dallas in prime position to score the winning touchdown late in the fourth quarter. Tony Romo and Bryant are both great players, and their offensive line is one of the best in football. Defense is their Achilles heel though and that is the one weakness you don’t want to have when facing Rodgers and company.

Will the Packers win the Super Bowl after falling agonizingly short last year? Time will tell. But does this team have the talent to hoist that trophy one more time? Absolutely, positively, yes.


What we know today about Sepp Blatter and his shady dealings as FIFA president is just the tip of the iceberg. Taking money from potential host countries as a means to sway his opinion, Blatter chose France over Morocco in the 1998 FIFA World Cup and South Africa over Morocco in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Additionally, it has already been uncovered that other high ranking officials have taken money for smaller tournaments that are held bi-annually.

Many high ranking FIFA officials have either been convicted of, or have publicly announced that they took bribes in connection with multiple FIFA World Cups. If several high ranking officials, including its president, were willing to take bribes for two tournaments in the past 17 years, how likely is it that no money was exchanged for the 2002, 2006, or 2014 tournaments?

Is the public supposed to believe that some, but not most or even all, FIFA officials took bribes for every tournament? Did this actually start in 1998, or is the public just supposed to be that naïve? If high ranking officials are willing to take bribes for which country hosts the games, are they moral enough to not take bribes to help fix games at these very same tournaments? Doesn’t this call into question every questionable call made in a World Cup game since 1998? Is Sepp Blatter the first FIFA president to accept bribes? What about the tournaments that decide which countries even get to play in the World Cup?

This corruption scandal taints every World Cup going back to 1998, and perhaps even longer. How can Americans not look back at questionable red cards, hand ball penalties, and goals disallowed and not question whether the team they were facing just paid FIFA more? How can Mexico not watch amazing performances like the fantastic game Guillermo Ochoa had the last World Cup and not wonder if it was never going to matter anyways?

How does FIFA move on from this scandal? They are holding an “emergency” election for a new president in December after Blatter resigned earlier this week, which will be a start. What FIFA needs to do though is become transparent with their dealings, stop choosing questionable countries like Qatar to host World Cup games (because we all know that everyone will be thinking that the only reason Qatar was chosen is because they paid enough money), and hopefully stop making shady deals all-together.

It will be tough to overcome this scandal, especially once it fully blows up. Luckily, it will be three more years until the next World Cup and hopefully by that point most of the blowback will blow over. Still, this level of corruption shows that any sport, no matter how big or powerful, can fall prey to corruption. Are we willing to believe that our favorite sport would be squeaky clean if we looked into it?

I think we are all too smart for that.

mke-bucks-pix-1Festival entertainment will also feature player appearances and unveiling of new Bucks uniforms.

Milwaukee’s summer festival season will tip off on Saturday, June 6, when the inaugural Bucks Summer Block Party takes over the Stock-House grounds of Schlitz Park from noon to 5 p.m. It will feature the unveiling of the new Bucks home and road uniforms at 2 p.m. in addition to local music, vendors, games, food, drinks, and appearances by both current and former Milwaukee players. The block party is free and open to the public, and will take place on North Second Street between West Galena and West Cherry streets. Parking will be available in lots on the Schlitz Park grounds.

More details on the afternoon are below:

New home and road uniforms unveiled at 2 p.m.

Mannequins with the new designs will be stationed throughout the block party for an up-close look.

Display will be set up to view the progression of Bucks uniforms throughout franchise history.

Appearances by current and former Bucks players  Giannis Antetokounmpo, John Henson, Damien Inglis and Jabari Parker, as well as Bucks All-Star legends Bob Dandridge and Vin Baker, are scheduled to attend.

Players will participate in interactive games with fans, Q-and-A sessions, and will be available for autographs and pictures.

Musical entertainment co-produced by Flye Gang and Sucher Entertainment, with diverse sets from seven Milwaukee-area acts: Wait for Morning, Kevin Hayden Band, Corey Pieper, Pizzle, KimberLee Laske, WebsterX and DJ Nu-Stylez·

Food and beverage options available through Davians Catering and local food trucks.

Davians will grill Usinger’s hot dogs and brats, as well as hamburgers, and have a variety of MillerCoors beers for $4 Food trucks on site will be Falafel Guys, Fivestar Nacho, La Pasada, YellowBellies, and Eats & Treats.

Other attractions include the Bucks entertainment elements of Bango, the Rim Rockers and Milwaukee Bucks Dancers, a car display and contest from Fields Auto Group, a prize wheel from Columbia St. Mary’s, opportunities to buy Bucks merchandise with the new team logos and pre-order the new jerseys, as well as shop from local vendors showcasing clothing, arts and crafts.

Before heading out the Bucks Summer Block party, fans interested in participating in a virtual raffle to win new logo merchandise can enter the sweepstakes online at

• Players are subject to change


WHAT:         Festival atmosphere to unveil new Bucks uniforms, featuring current and former Bucks players, Bucks entertainment groups, local bands, games, vendors, food and drinks.

WHEN: Saturday, June 6 Noon – 5 p.m.   Grounds open to the public 2 p.m.               Uniform unveiling.

WHERE:       Schlitz Park, in front of the Stock-House building North Second Street between West Galena and West Cherry streets.

052715-deprtes-pix-1VARSOVIA, Polonia— Sevilla busca ser el primer club que conquista cuatro veces la Liga Europa/Copa UEFA cuando enfrente el miércoles a Dnipro de Ucrania en la final en Varsovia.

El equipo español ganó títulos consecutivos de la Copa UEFA en 2006-07, y alzó el trofeo el año pasado, cuando ya se llamaba Liga Europa.

En esta ocasión, tiene una motivación adicional, ya que el ganador se clasificará a la próxima Liga de Campeones, un torneo que Sevilla no juega desde la temporada de 2009/10.

“No tenemos que pensar queremos ir a la ‘Champions’, queremos ganar. Y para ganar solamente hay que hacer que fluya la concentración al juego, y si conseguimos eso no habrá nada que nos perturbe para buscar ganar”, expresó el técnico del Sevilla, Unai Emery.

La ofensiva de Sevilla cuenta con el tercer máximo goleador del campeonato, el colombiano Carlos Bacca, quien suma cinco goles.

Sevilla terminó quinto en la liga española con 76 puntos, a una unidad del cuarto puesto que conquistó el Valencia y que clasificó al equipo “che” a la fase preliminar de la Champions.

Sevilla eliminó en semifinales a la Fiorentina.

“Hemos hecho la mejor puntuación en Liga de la historia, pero queremos poner el broche de oro a la temporada, escribir más páginas”, indicó el capitán del Sevilla, Fernando Navarro. “Nuestro reto es conseguir la cuarta copa, que ningún equipo europeo lo ha hecho, ojala el miércoles por la noche podamos hablar también de un día histórico para el sevillismo”.

El partido tendrá un significado especial para el volante polaco del Sevilla, Grzegorz Krychowiak, por poder jugar la final en Varsovia.

Krychowiak tiene tres goles en 47 partidos con el equipo andaluz, incluyendo uno en la Liga Europa.

“Está muy ilusionado, juega en su país y seguro que será una motivación extra para él”, comentó Navarro sobre su compañero.

Dnipro, por su parte, jugará su primera final europea, y llegó hasta esta instancia sin disputar un solo partido en su estadio.

Dnipro tiene su sede en Dnipropetrovsk, una ciudad en el este de Ucrania pero lejos de la zona de conflicto que ha afectado a otros clubes, especialmente Shakhtar Donetsk.

De todas formas, las normas de seguridad de la UEFA lo obligaron a jugar sus partidos en Kiev. Dnipro despachó al Napoli en las semifinales.

Dnipro intenta convertirse en apenas el tercer equipo ucraniano que gana un torneo continental. En la época de la Unión Soviética, Dínamo de Kiev ganó la Copa de Campeones en 1975 y 1986, y Shakhtar fue campeón de la Copa UEFA en 2009.

052715-ruiz-pix-3With their 104-90 win over the Houston Rockets, the Golden State Warriors advanced to the NBA finals for the first time in 40 years. Led by this season’s MVP Stephen Curry, the Warriors jump-shot centered offense silenced critics who were saying that jump-shooting teams don’t win in the playoffs. Shooting guard Klay Thompson and Curry shoot over 15 three’s a game, on average, and both shoot threes at around a 43% clip. Appropriately nicknamed the “Splash Brothers”, Curry and Thompson have the ability to shoot any team out of the arena in a matter of minutes.

The Warriors will be taking on the Lebron James led Cleveland Cavaliers, a team that many expected to compete for a championship coming into the season, but those expectations changed after injuries to Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving. While Irving has continued to play through the knee injury, he has been a shadow of his former self. Love, who was injured in the first round of the playoffs against the Boston Celtics, will not return to the basketball court until next season.

The most interesting matchup is how Cavaliers coach David Blatt will choose to guard Curry. Curry is averaging nearly 30 points per game in these playoffs and is a matchup nightmare with his speed and quick jump shot. If Irving does play close to starter minutes, it is doubtful that his knee will hold up to the strain of chasing Curry around multiple screens all over the court. James is considered one of the best defenders in the league, and his 6’8” frame should help him in closing on Curry, but he will tire quickly if forced to defend Curry for a seven game series. The likely scenario is Blatt will have Iman Shumpert or Matthew Dellavedova guard Curry for the vast majority of games, but will switch to James in late game scenarios when a defensive stop is needed. Shumpert is great defensive stopper but Dellavedova is a defensive nuisance who could potentially get into the head of Curry with his antics.

This is one of the more exciting NBA finals that we could have imagined. Curry stepped up this season and took the MVP crown from the preseason favorite James. Curry regularly takes threes from 30 feet away from the court, and the only thing better than a huge dunk is a long three hitting nothing but net. The Warriors are favorites heading into the game, by both odds makers and the general public.

Betting against the best player of our generation is usually a bad idea, but the Warriors are historically one of the best three point shooting teams of all time. Let’s not forget that three points are worth more than two.

Will the Warriors shoot their way into history? Or will Lebron further cement his legacy as one of the best ever with another NBA championship ring?

My prediction: Warriors win the series 4-3 in one of the most exciting series’ in recent memory.

052015-deportes-pix-2Distrito, Federal.- A casi dos meses del deceso del Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Rey Mysterio libra la batalla más difícil que ha encarado en su vida.

Rey afirmó que quiere ganar el Mundial de Lucha Libre, del domingo próximo, para dedicárselo al “Perrito”, pues reconoció que todavía no supera el fallecimiento de su compañero.

“Ha sido muy difícil tratar de seguir mi vida cotidiana, el que de repente te encuentres riéndote y contento, a veces se confunde con lo que de verdad sientes, porque hay altas y bajas durante tu vida, pero cuando te pega algo fuerte como eso, en lo personal ha sido muy muy

Pedro Aguayo Ramírez, “El Hijo del Perro Aguayo”, falleció esta madrugada a los 35 años, tras recibir un golpe y quedar inconsciente durante una función en Tijuana.

difícil tratar de superarlo.

“Lo supero en ratos, en momentos, pero luego llegan días que recuerdo y que me lleno de tristeza por saber de que no está aquí con nosotros. Y por más que intentas e intentas, llegan momentos que sí te sientes con mucha fortaleza, pero luego llegan días o ratos, en los que te vuelven a tumbar”, aseguró Mysterio en un mano a mano con CANCHA.

Aquel 20 de marzo, en Tijuana, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo se golpeó las cervicales al caer del ring y, luego, una patada de Rey lo terminó por noquear. En la madrugada del día siguiente, el heredero de Don Pedro Aguayo perdió la vida.

Fueron momentos difíciles para “El Maestro del 619″, pues se cuestionaba si debía seguir su carrera.

“La familia del Hijo del Perro, cuando los vimos personalmente, me alentaron, me dieron la fortaleza para poder seguir adelante dentro de este deporte, el haber entendido de que había sido un accidente”, recordó.

“Esto tenía que seguir, al Hijo del Perro le hubiera gustado que siguiera con mi carrera, con lo que nos gusta, ser parte de nuestro deporte, teníamos que seguir dándole al público; eso me dio muchísima fortaleza”.

Sólo que Rey no entiende por qué su reencuentro con el “Perrito” fue fugaz.

Madrid.- En próximos días se hará oficial la ampliación de contrato del central portugués Pepe, considerado uno de los hombres importantes de la plantilla del Real Madrid, debido a que finalizaría en junio de 2016.

El club “merengue” ya tomó su primera decisión al renovar a Pepe, cuyo contrato terminaría el 30 de junio del próximo año, por lo que le ofrecerán la renovación por una temporada más.

El equipo presidido por Florentino Pérez hará oficial en los próximos días la renovación del central por una temporada más, por lo que se descarta, de momento, la llegada de uno más a la escuadra.

Varios medios españoles publicaron la renovación de Pepe, quien llegó al Madrid procedente del Oporto en 2007 por 30 millones de euros (más de 33 millones de dólares) y ha acumulado más de 300 encuentros oficiales.