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Taub�s view 2002 255 Robert Taub, in �Playing the Beethoven Piano Sonatas� (Amadeus Press, Portland Oregon, 2002) stated at pages 124 and 125: �I think the senza sordini indication is intended to create a special type of sound � nothing dry, but sound bathed in its personal heat with hints of the encircling harmonies. Nader, Laura (1972), �Up the anthropologist: views gained from studying up�, in Dell Hymes (ed. The will increase air resistance and modifies currents to maxinasal bones are widest at the nasofrontal suture, turn into mize publicity to nasal mucosa. In the presence of vestibular signs, patients each the temporal bone and the auditory pathway. However, the issue that this work addresses, highlighted in Tufte (2017), is also confirmed within the that context. Even though Rittel and Webber wrote the essay with extremely technical home insurance policies in mind, anybody concerned with the future of democ racy promotion and overseas policy normally would do nicely to heed their recommendation. These statistics are unfold out over a 12 months�a 12 months of airline journey, a 12 months of eating after which either choking or being poisoned. Here we tackle the more primary ques tion about which analysis conditions invite the usage of projective methods. After all, one can�t be calling for imposing more restrictions on websites like WikiLeaks, as many American policymakers did in the summer of 2010, and be disparaging China and Iran for comparable impulses. Amy Fay was back in Weimar in 1885 as a result of Gollerich stories on a Liszt Masterclass held at Weimar on the afternoon of Monday 17 August 1885. All different chil dren were wholesome, but two had intrauterine progress restriction (Caluwaerts 2006, Ohara 2000, di Paolo 1997, Giacalone 1996, Hoffmann 1995, Henderson 1993). Scalp trauma, surgical trauma, burns, and inflammatory states corresponding to lichen planopilaris and disTreatment options embrace intralesional and systemic coid lupus erythematosus all end in scarring and persteroids, topical 5% minoxidil, topical immunotherapy, manent loss of the hair follicle. All oculocadic movement is shorter than the goal place, it motor checks are carried out with the affected person seated is referred to as hypometric saccade (or undershoot upright, with the pinnacle stabilized. Usher syndrome�Three various kinds of Usher only clinically, with their underlying molecular mechasyndrome, the most common eye/ear syndrome, could be nisms nonetheless unknown. Main knowledge on annual gross income per household in Eurozone countries average and Baltic countries are included in desk 1. The music room contained Viennese grand pianos by Streicher and Bosendorfer, a spinet that had belonged to Mozart and a piano organ. Most signicantly, the Internet has allowed better integration of academics and intellectuals from author itarian states into a worldwide intellectual sphere� they, too, can now fol low debates within the New York Review of Books� but this has occurred seventy four the Net Delusion at the expense of severing their ties to local communities. Anecdotal stories and medical knowledge point out the emergence of use of these substances in a number of elements of the nation. You can additional explore these elements by way of your own gildings of the workout routines given right here, in addition to having informants positioned in varied conditions and considering what emerges. As penicillamine antagonizes pyridoxine, 25 mg vitamin B6 (pyridoxin) should be supplemented during treatment. As baby pornographers, crim inal gangs, nationalists, and terrorists use the Internet to trigger more and more hurt, the public�s persistence will sooner or later run out. Coulter (2001), �Interpreting shopper perceptions of adver tising: an utility of the Zaltman metaphor elicitation approach�, Journal of Advertising, 30 (Winter), 1�22. In his lifetime, and afterwards, Mendelssohn was ranked with the all-time greats corresponding to Mozart but over a time period his musical standing was downgraded owing to changing musical tastes. Lead concentrations of 40g/dl in youngsters are considered toxic, and require chelation remedy. The pathologic situation within the cerebellum, brainstem, or heart of the light arrays should be at the similar level as basal ganglia. Propofol has no analgesic effects but has Dexmedetomidine does trigger some cardiovascular been shown to lower narcotic necessities. The anterior desk of the frontal sinus is then or split calvarial) or methyl methacrylate have been opened at its superior and lateral margins, creating an used to recreate the anterior desk. That is, the order interventions are presented within the part �Feeding by which conditions are presented observe the lifespan, and Eating Disorders. The major families of adrenergic medication: (1) phenylamines (eg, type and extent of surgical procedure on the inferior turbinate conephedrine, pseudoephedrine, phenylephrine, and phenyltinues to be a supply of debate. The impact of this process is the growing lack of duty of the central administration for significant dimensions of training and its high quality a phenomenon characteristic of the destabilization of schools with the consequent municipalization of the management of the public training system that occurred some a long time ago in a number of northern European countries aggravated by the simultaneous favoring of personal training.

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Van Mierlo (1992), �Reading photographs: examine of a dated neighborhood�, Visual Sociology, 7 (1), 4�sixty eight. Venography could differentiate this lesion this division is largely replaced by branches of the exterfrom other vascular plenty in difficult circumstances. Quinidine is likely one of the oldest antiarrhythmics, and is outwardly without any noteworthy teratogenic potential. I hate people who think of girl as nothing but a pretty thing that should belong to someone else. It should be glion beneath the jugular foramen, from the cranial root differentiated from fixation of the vocal twine secondary of the accessory nerve. Process � focusing on lean critiques, exercise trackers and organising new, extra environment friendly processes three. Three hundred and fifty 9 ladies agreed to take part in the survey, while 45 ladies refused participation on this examine. From fifty six lifetime non-attendees, I selected at least three ladies per sociodemographic/well being standing group that had emerged as vital factors associated with lifetime mammography practices in Study 4. The value of the normal medical Proceedings of the Tradmed International symposium. However, little is thought in Malta regarding the true supporting network of women�s care pathway to date (Government of Malta 2016). After being hanged as a thief, a man might nonetheless have his head cut off for being a traitor. As a result, debates in regards to the nature, labels and makes use of of semiotics are ongoing (Mick, 1997; Oswald, 1996, 1999). Forbes, "Longevity and Medical Costs, " New England Journal of Medicine 277 (1967): seventy one-eight. The superficial portion of the deep cervical fascia First chunk ache envelops the sternocleidomastoid and trapezius musFrey�s syndrome cles. Moreover, when seen on this way, the scientic versus non-scientic controversy is diluted if not completely washed out to sea. Lummis, Trevor (1987), Listening to History: the Authenticity of Oral Evidence, London: Hutchinson Education. Erik < Eirik is an old Scandinavian name consisting of two parts meaning �alone� or �all the time� and �kingdom, ruler�. Managers lack information of particular methods and strategies of threat administration in the enterprise (24. Ocular toxicity and antenatal publicity to chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine for rheumatic ailments. He wrote in 1841: �What want is there to inform you of my febrile pleasure when the fourth C, for example, sounds 2 or three seconds longer than one other In intensive interplay adults work together with youngsters and young people by responding to Preschool them on this very responsive way, imitating their behaviour, mirroring what they do as a starting point to Primary communication and interplay. McQuarrie and Mick identied this kind of rhetorical technique as a visible metaphor during which dierent planes of reality (a cardboard product box and a metal Meaning in the marketplace forty one buckle) are cross-stitched in an artfully crafted visual display. In New York City; Montreal; Flint, Michigan; and plenty of other older cities, the municipal water supply is carried by lead pipes and the lead can leech into the tap water and trigger lead poisoning. They are priThe fasciocutaneous flap of the lateral thigh receives its marily used for advanced intraoral, pharyngeal, and blood supply from the cutaneous perforators of the procutaneous defects of the top and neck. Among these descriptions is likely one of the oldest publications on toxicity by way of mom�s milk (Frensdorf 1926). In contrast, the biguanide derivatives, metformin and phenformin, lower glucose synthesis in the liver, delay glucose resorption from the gut, and enhance glucose utilization in the muscular system. Rhinitis is normally most extreme throughout toms are often associated with modifications in temperature, the second and third trimesters of being pregnant. It should be used primarily in partial fundoplication to forestall reflux ure 35�4).

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Both surgery and sclerosis are very efficient for localized lesions; choosing between these two modalities is dependent upon the surgeon�s expertise and the specifics of the affected person�s scenario. In a evaluation, Germann (2004) analyzed a hundred and sixty case reviews pub lished between 1976 and 2001; 50 cases concerned daunorubicin and ninety nine cases concerned doxorubicin. Minimal remedy approaches for involved important others of downside gamblers: a randomized controlled trial. In this context, the instructing activity inside universities became extra closely monitored, with the accentuation of the power relations not solely by university managers, but additionally by the State itself. Relatively unstructured approaches give extra freedom to the informant�s personal story line. It was edited by Hermann Scholz utilizing autographs and the annotated printed editions belonging to Chopin pupils Mlle R. For the object to develop to its nal dimension, the important nucleus needs a growth mechanism by which to increase its dimension. Pregnancy outcomes throughout remedy with interferon beta-1a in sufferers with a number of sclerosis. The vorsetzer was outdated as a result of it took up additional area, was cumbersome, had to be adjusted to play correctly and had to be removed to allow the piano to be performed �usually�. The recovery course of in case of pathological Internet useis not simply reducing use but additionally addressing and handling the underlying cause that results in the compulsive use. There is a crescendo in bars 26-28 and a crescendo in bar fifty eight adopted by a piano [subito] in bar fifty nine. The more and more accepted view is that "senza sordini" must be taken literally and factors out its fantastic consequences (below). Josef Weiss (1864-1918) a German/Hungarian pianist and is said to have been a Liszt pupil. De Greef made a disc in 1929 of Grieg�s �Wedding Day at Troldhaugen� as did the composer himself in 1903. The opposite is valid for United States, which hosts approximately 65% of top 20 R&D spenders. Benzodiazepines with a very short half-life (6 hours), corresponding to brotizolam, midazolam, and triazolam, are utilized in anesthesia and in the remedy of insomnia. However, a detailed fetal ultrasound must be considered after remedy with any of those medicine. Art, liberated from the necessity to represent dogma, now exhibits the human figure, its actions, and even the useless issues which encompass it as intimately interwoven in the illustration of the fleeting moment (Verganglichkeit). With the assistance of those three variables we compare ceteris paribus others� statements on how the future workplaces and the world will type. Understanding and accepting data with a target group of clients defines their investment potential and readiness for future cooperation. They hate losing and subsequently attempt to do every thing to minimize it, reuse plastic bags, drink water from reusable bottles and attempt to save vitality by putting in solar panels. The manufacturer recorded 38 pregnancies exposed to naratrip tan through the first trimester (GlaxoSmithKline 2005) without indi cation of teratogenicity. This communication method is a proposal that establishes the role of the youth residents as the actors in the social modifications they need to expertise and suggests the roles for growth institutions coping with young people. The advantage of tacrolimus are minimizing episodes of rejection, decreasing the need for extra glucocorticoid doses, and decreasing the probability of bacterial and cytomegalovirus infection. The shoulders might be closer to the keys, offering a eleven wider reach and the head might be closer to the keys, offering a extra intimate feel of the keys. While the brand new textbooks focus extra on phrases that lack Islamic tone, with emphasis laid on values and virtues and controversial points averted. Cognitive-behavioural remedy in depressed main care sufferers with co-occurring problematic alcohol use: impact of phone-administered vs. Some patterns will Specialist solely require one cycle for the child to enhance while others may require repeated cycles until children Delivered by can use the newly developed sounds of their speech. The major problem in the change implementation is �resistance to change� (Aswathappa, 2010). He has even fashioned himself as Russia�s rst pornographer in numer ous media interviews.

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As lengthy as disease is something that takes possession of individuals, something they "catch" or "get, " the victims of those pure processes can be exempted from accountability for their condition. It is possible that, for given needs, a variety of metaphors (and new product ideas which they inspired) would possibly nd favor with consumers. In the �Wanderer� Fantasy the piano is turned into an orchestra rather more radically than had ever been carried out earlier than. Compared to a management group, a comparatively low start weight was observed (Timar 1997). As the research into the relationship between character traits and creativity continues to grow, a more full image has developed. One chance of emerging negative impact of excessive performance work system can originate from employee perspectives, which mean the usage of human useful resource practices within the every day business. It�s counterintuitive, but there�s a chance very close to 100% that somewhere in that sequence you�ll get 5 heads in a row. In addition, they share their expertise with other individuals to assist them reduce wastage and consumption. Let us take up one here: Tatei, ongame omumati gwaShaalu (O, Father, I am a boy of Shaalu Nda nuka po nda fombuku I am as nimble as a mouse Omuntu olye nguno There was a slight but statistically important lower mean start weight within the former (Kovo 2006). If the school expertise is radically completely different at small, non-public liberal-arts colleges, you have to make sure that your sample consists of college students from them, and so your stratified sample will ensure you ask individuals from completely different-sized schools. I am certain in regards to the existence of their ache solely within the sense that I am certain of my compassion for them. No other check supplies data on the site of the Three parameters are of clinical significance in evallesion. Even prior to the time of Shakespeare, this father of the essay pursued a spotlight centered above all else on himself and on his penchant for colorfully describing his own distinctive and sometimes even bizarre consumption experiences. Safety of indocyanine green angiography throughout being pregnant: a survey of the retina, macula, and vitreous societies. Therefore, laboratory exams must be excessive-tone sensorineural hearing loss, and ocular abnormaliundertaken after cautious deliberation. The regular measure is < 40 consumption (from amiodarone, iodinate distinction dyes, or kelp four 3 ng/mL in people with regular thyroid function, and pills), and hypopituitarism. On the modern piano the gentle pedal can solely reduce the number of strings struck from three to two, whereas the pianos of the classical era have been more flexible, allowing the participant to choose whether the hammers would strike three strings, two, or only one. It is a typical key utilized in rock, folk, nation and other guitaristic kinds as a result of the standard tuning of a guitar causes all of the open strings to be scale degrees of B minor. Concurrent Disorders Concurrent Disorders Treatment: Models for Treating Varied Populations by Jennifer Puddicombe, Research Coordinator, Brian Rush, Senior Scientist, Christine Bois, Concurrent Disorders Knowledge Exchange Manager Program Models Project 2003�04. Cost effectiveness research that quantify how particular nutritional interventions in mental well being practice are economically beneficial are additionally informative. Die Instrumente sind an Populationen gesunder Kinder getestet und haben den notwendigen Hintergrund zum Vergleich der �Norm� mit den im Projekt zu erfassenden Abweichungen bei den Patienten. As consumption arenas, these digital environments are wealthy elds worthy of netnographic exploration. The most these are giant irregular vascular tumors, and early recappropriate treatment depends on the situation and the ognition and treatment can be life saving. Jacques Ibert (1890-1962) was a French composer and pianist; he wrote light, witty items and is noted for his �Le Petit Ane Blanc� (�The Little White Donkey�). The End of the American Internet the interpretation of Internet freedom as a canopy-up for regime change may appear ridiculous if it weren�t so broadly shared by some of Amer ica�s strongest movers and shakers. The bookie can�t turn back the palms of time and watch the Royals play the same game repeatedly, counting what number of occasions they win it. Such was, fo r example, the appropri� ation ofthe old word "ennui" fo r the new state of nineteenth-century boredom, which brought ali sorts of new questions about activity and even existence into being round it. To fill out the rest of the desk: I�m utilizing the 168-hour week (7 days 24 hours a day) to account for ideas you might have whereas dreaming, and individuals who would possibly call and wake you from a sound sleep. Dosage measures should be Aquavan can even cause respiratory melancholy and considered due to the increased likelihood of respirahence must be used with care and in a monitored settory and hemodynamic melancholy, particularly in elderly ting with emergency airway gear.

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The course of the vagi in both cords and larynx (see Chapter 29) to rule out an associsides of the pinnacle and neck are identical, but the recurrent ated infiltrating lesion. He also expressed his hope 147 Developments in the Ambo Anthroponymic System that the fathers� names would steadily become used as surnames. Surgical indications for tonsillectomy dence of malignant neoplasms in by the way discovered unilateral tonsillar enlargement. Therefore, in the "Happy Birthday" song, the rst accent is on "Birth", not "Happy". Four different measures have been used to assess the change in severity of the illness. At rst, particularly, just attempt watching them without following them in the sense of taking note of their content. The low sign intensity on the T2-weighted picture is suggestive of a malignant histology, and squamous cell carcinoma of the parotid gland was pathologically confirmed. Prisons could be used to hold criminals till their hearing, their execution, or their judicial mutilation. The growth of data know-how will allow an even more efficient connection between the companies and the target 14 (Ruzic, D. A population-based case-control research of oral oxy tetracycline treatment during being pregnant. This measure prevents the direct engagement of civil society with the general public authorities so as to influence the general public policies. In future work, it would be useful to examine the impact of the training strategy over a tutorial course, evaluating the training positive aspects and performance success of students who be taught with formative evaluation approaches and others who be taught solely with evaluation approaches of a nature solely. Corporation law, tax law, antitrust and competition law are a number of examples of such authorized branches, where the economic considerations are solely pure and the market evaluation is an integral a part of the authorized framework. Most widespread reason for metaphysis with break in the pseudohermophroditism in a cortex. No important association was found between lifetime mammography and age (Independent samples t-check: p = 0. Lowrey, "The Problem of Hospital Accidents to Children, " Pediatrics 32 (December 1963): 1064-eight. It is cognition, better self-management of concurrent estimated that mental health circumstances price the and comorbid circumstances, and improved overall Canadian economy $fifty one billion dollars annually. Acutely, medical examination also reveals current to the emergency room with normal facial nerve nystagmus, which is in keeping with a unilateral vestibfunction that slowly worsens over the subsequent a number of hours ular deficit. A majority of academics and books recommend sitting with the elbow on the degree of the keys and a few, particularly the older ones, recommend larger positions. This paper goals to fill a research hole and offers the attribute of integration of labour migrants. The rubato of Chopin�s rhythm liberated from all college bonds, but never handed into disharmony, nor anarchy. During the narratives, Brad solely spoke about how the books led to a religious path. The social considering strategy has an indicative evidence degree, with restricted evidence obtainable. Determining what causes a person to be � History of habitual loud night breathing, excessive daytime vulnerable to the circumstances on the continuum is one sleepiness, or witnessed apneas. Format Level of Evidence Manual Phonology with Reading Programme has not been well investigated in speech and language remedy. A type of reasoning, made popular by Sherlock Holmes, by which clever guesses are used to generate a principle to account for the information noticed. This flap is used primarily for its important muscle and gentle tissue bulk, long vascular pedicle, and reliability. There was no such association with the chloroform content of the water, or in the group with low tri halomethane consumption.

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In developed countries, psychosocial elements and labour organization elements turn out to be major occupational hazards. In June, 2007 the United States National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine published an [6] impartial, peer-reviewed, meta-evaluation of the state of analysis on meditation and health outcomes. Shankar, Avi (2000), �Lost in music: subjective personal introspection and in style music consumption�, Qualitative Marketing Research: An International Journal, 3 (1), 27�37. Although no evitreatment acquired, present medical problems, and affected person dence exists displaying an antagonistic effect of biopsy, shave expectations. But the conclusions she draws from her view ofthe narrative statement are startling, and quite diferent from these of her predecessors. Bahr shared the contents of his letter with Gramophone magazine which reported the confession on its website on 26 February 2007. Within the epitympanum is the top of the malleus and the physique and short means of the incus. Multiple elements comes) have been shown to have a bearing on the degree of benIntact, nonossified cochlea efit obtained from implantation (Table 70�2). There have been a couple of studies from India that have highlighted both psychiatric and 24 medical co-morbidity among substance customers. However, three parameters to be evaluated: phase, acquire, and symthe time constant decreases proportionally with increasmetry knowledge. Larger cysts may pro� Usually presents as a radiolucent lesion around the duce growth of the bone, displacement of tooth apex of a tooth root. Even probably the most noble attempts may easily backre, entrenching authoritarianism in consequence. The scope of this Clearinghouse includes fetal and childhood conditions of prenatal cause. It is thought that he performed his Sonata on his own Erard, in addition to presumably on the other pianos at his disposal. So it�s not that consultants are never wrong, it�s simply that, statistically, they�re extra likely to be proper. Work with video display terminal and the chance of decreased delivery-weight and preterm delivery. Extrapyramidal signs and tiredness within the mother make using the latter two medications questionable. With digital pianos, you will get most of the helpful temperaments by icking a change. Composers after Chopin, similar to Debussy and Rachmaninoff, wrote etudes that have been influenced by these of Chopin. This shopper is neither passive nor cognitively lazy, however instead is drawn toward more challenging textual forms, is extra involved with his/her own life experience than with studying brand attributes, can have interaction with the sociopolitical implications of ads despite the blinding pressure of ideology, and is adept at studying to read new that means in unfamiliar forms. In addition, there are reviews of able to resect isolated lung metastases, periodic metachemotherapy and radiation therapy alone being used static evaluations stay an important a part of postwith initially good results, although the observe-up has treatment tumor observe-up. Invasive pneumococcal disease in stable organ transplant recipients-10-year potential population surveillance. The surprise is how, in dening the terminologies to their ultimate depth, you develop a deeper understanding of music which he makes crystal clear with plenty of examples. Toxic mediators, tion of the neck, ear, parotid gland, and posterior cheek defects. In case of fluox etin or escitalopram therapy, particular attention must be paid to potential unwanted effects within the breastfed child. I keep in mind thar within the glow of my admiration there was not a reserve l had ever made thar l was not able to take back. His �Mikrokosmos� is in style with piano lecturers as a helpful set of instructing items. A cochleostomy is then made approxAll three presently obtainable gadgets are excellent, and imately 1 mm anteroinferior to the round window niche.

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Despite the importance, and the legal prescriptions that recognize it, steering for shifting into the job market is scarce. Unfortunately, materials robust enough to withstand the forces with out the chance of fracture are too robust to be contoured in the operating room by the surgeon. Finally, our understanding of mass-mediated market ideologies and shoppers� interpretive methods is enhanced by research that isolates groups. The pure minor scale of B minor consists of the notes B, C sharp, D, E, F sharp, G, A and B. We have then identified two slight yet menacing and threatening deviations from this fo rmai plenitude, the first one in a kind of transcendental immanence by which sure of the classes of being-the moral ones primarily-separate themselves out from actuality and hover above it as a kind oforganizing deviee which threat� ens to turn the occasions and narrative actions into so many examples and illustrations. The British Medical Journal declared his work fraudulent, and 6 years later, the journal that originally revealed it, the Lancet, retracted it. The capacity to modify the interpretation to the temper, the private feeling, the acoustics and the instrument, and to find a personal rendition continues to be valued among musicians in our day. Alston, A New Look at Infectious Disease (London: Pitman, 1967), exhibits how infections are changed by new ones, with out discount in over-all quantity. If someone needed to specific a position in favor of the federal government, they might write a let ter to the native newspapers or increase it at the next assembly of their get together cell. They have tions of the emulsion medium show that it supnumerous websites of motion, but they most likely promote ports rapid bacterial growth. When all of the treble and bass notes are carried out, the only un-tuned strings left are those you muted for setting the bearings. This implies that a public Wi-Fi network can be a good software in competitive competition. Imagine that the hammer has struck the string and is at its highest level (grand piano). There have been quite a few research carried out on crops endemic and native to Sri Lanka not utilized in Western natural medicine. Obstetrical and neonatal outcome following clonazepam use during pregnancy: a case sequence. The use of Talking Mats as a communication resource to Indicative improve communication and high quality take care of individuals with dementia. The most fruitful and noteworthy interval, a minimum of in the quantity and prestige of the classical artists, came in the first year, 1905, and in the first four months of 1906 earlier than Edwin [Welte] left for the States. He has obtained the diploma of honorary Doctor of Music from the University of Sydney. Even if the old names have been dropped from the day by day utilization, on some level the �real� name of the girl had to be retained as her solely correct name. Governments are more and more challenged to resort to radical new, usually untested, policy interventions, from nationalization of technology proudly owning monopolies to far-reaching redistribution schemes (World Economic Forum, 5). Sauer, Untersuchungen zur Darstellung des Todes in der griechisch-romischen Geschichtsschreibung (Frankfurt, 1930). In each cities he was in a position to fill the major soccer stadium twice in at some point with crowds who hysterically acclaimed his macabre capacity to replace human hearts. Gardner, Steuart Henderson Britt and Harriett Bruce Moore; Dietrich Leonhard, Hal Kassarjian, Louis Cheskin, Herta Herzog, Virginia Miles, William D. Ramsey-Hunt syndrome must be included in the difThe tumor has an intermediate sign depth on each ferential diagnoses. The piano, in turn, has turn out to be louder, richer, mushier in sound, and, above all, much less wiry and metallic. Even probably the most rigorously performed interpretive research, diligently hewn from the granite of real-world consumer behaviour, suers when set beside the rhetorical rainbow woven by Flusfeder. Riika can be a Euro pean woman�s name (see Riikka in the list of European ladies�s names). The websites of oxytocin motion are the uterine muscle and the myoep ithelial cells surrounding the milk-producing items of the breast. He wrote a e-book known as �Beethoven as I Knew Him� which he issued in 1840 and re-issued in 1860 in significantly expanded kind.