Latina con Fuerza Dec 2019

Milwaukee, Wis. — Latinas con Fuerza ceremony is only one of its kind honoring Latina graduates Alverno College is honoring Latina graduates in a special ceremony on Sunday, December 8. The Latinas con Fuerza ceremony is open to women of Latina descent who are graduating seniors, earning a master’s degree, or completing a certification program. Each honoree is presented with a sarápe – a colorful stole. Students taking part also choose someone who supported them through their educational journey, and they write a few words of gratitude which are read aloud as the sarápes are presented. The event highlights the achievements of our Latina graduates, and connects current graduates with Latina alumnae in order to strengthen their network. It is also meant to increase the visibility of Latinas in higher education, and reinforce the notion that our newest alumnae should serve as mentors to future graduates. In all, 18 women will be honored at the Latinas con Fuerza ceremony. This is the sixth time Alverno College is holding this ceremony, and it’s the only one of its kind honoring Latina graduates in southeastern Wisconsin. Other local Latina graduation ceremonies are religious in nature and are attached to church or a Baccalaureate Mass, while this is a stand-alone rite of passage.

The ceremony  also featured drum and dance performances.