Addiction destroys relationships

Addiction destroys the relationships with the people who love you the most. Once the addict or alcoholic cannot manipulate their loved ones anymore, they typically withdraw from them. The loved one then lives with constant worry and pain from their actions. This includes things like lying, stealing, manipulating, and sometimes even physical abuse. The addict or alcoholic then live with constant guilt that they try and numb with drugs and alcohol. This will cause them to give up hope because they feel as though they can never repair those relationships. I am here to tell you that you can indeed mend them. I myself have, and I watch others rekindle their relationships every day. It starts with the saying “actions speak louder than words”. The biggest factor in repairing these broken relationships is change that they can see and not hear you talk about. Getting treatment and making these positive changes in the way you handle yourself and others is the very start to the journey of repairing relationships with the ones you have hurt. It takes longer for some then others but it is definitely possible.

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