Milwaukee’s Moral Monsters

Recent revelations from a Freshwater for Life Action Coalition (FLAC) press conference that provided irrefutable documentation that Mayor Tom Barrett was briefed and warned by then Milwaukee Health Commissioner Bevan Baker about the health dangers and risk to children under the age of six that live in homes with lead service laterals (lead pipes) when the City of Milwaukee received permission from state authorities to begin a water main replacement program.

In fact, there are documents that clearly state the City of Milwaukee should not proceed with replacing underground water mains without replacing the full lead service lateral and that partial lead lateral removal would result in elevated lead in drinking water for the over 74,000 homes with lead service laterals and ultimately result in elevated lead blood levels in children that live in homes with lead service laterals along the water main replacement routes. Quite frankly, Barrett did not give a shit

There was one memo that was sent for a meeting between then Commissioner Bevan Baker and Mayor Tom Barrett on April 1, 2015. If you want to see the email, click here. KINGFISHmke has submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to the City of Milwaukee requesting confirmation of whether that email was sent to Mayor Barrett and if it was opened. Barrett in a previous interview about the memo claims he did not receive the memo from Baker. Former Superintendent of Milwaukee Water Works claims she does not remember receiving a memo from Baker regarding not conducting partial lead service laterals.

Even though Mayor Barrett was briefed about the public health risk to children, he and former Superintendent Carrie Lewis still went ahead and proceeded with replacing the water mains without removing the full lead laterals, thus creating a pilot program to conduct partial lead lateral replacements, only to confirm what everyone warned them of; replacing the water mains without removing the full lead service laterals presents a health risk to children that live in homes with lead service laterals, subsequently resulting in a spike of blood lead levels in children. They did not care!

On top of all of that, there is a letter dated December 15, 2015 from the EPA National Drinking Water Advisory Council (NDWAC) that states, “the removal of all lead service lines” should be the standard to achieve no lead in blood understanding the “there is no safe blood level” and the members of NDWAC agreed unanimously for this new standard. The problem with this is Carrie Lewis is one of the members of NDWAC who agreed that removing all lead service lines should be the new standard but did not hold Milwaukee to such standard. This is unconscionable and unethical behavior unacceptable even for the lowest scum on earth.

Both Barrett and Lewis knew the risk of poisoning children by replacing water mains without replacing full lead laterals in homes, and they did so regardless of warnings from the Center of Decease Control (CDC), the Wisconsin Health Department, the City of Milwaukee’s own Director of Decease Control and Environmental Health and the Health Commissioner.

This is similar to third world country inhumanity; the general public would be in outrage if they treated a dog in such fashion

Our children are not lab monkeys Mayor Barrett! One could view this as a slow developing form of genocide.

Special Steering and Rules Committee Meeting, Barrett’s administration failed lead poisoned children

On Tuesday July 3rd, 2018, the Steering and Rules Committee (S&RC) had a special meeting regarding the findings from a unfinalized Legislative Reference Bureau (LRB) management review of the Milwaukee Health Department’s Children Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP) as mandated by the S&RC in January of 2018. The management review presented by the LRB was lacking facts and basic information at best. With all due respect, it was apparent that the LRB’s review was lacking facts as result of the CLPPP not being able to provide basic information. Thus, resulting in the S&RC remaining in the dark as to what Barrett’s administration has been doing, or not doing about preventing childhood poison prevention.

One thing did come out of the meeting, and that is that Barrett’s health department stopped conducting lead paint abatements after children were identified as having elevated lead blood levels, and they had no explanation for it. In some cases of lead paint abatements, in particular the number of “direct-administered abatements” (abatements by third parties overseen by MHD) the Health Department conducted not one in 2016 or 2017, to which no explanation what-so-ever was given. Not one! To watch the special S&RC meeting click here.

How many children continue to get poisoned everyday that Mayor Barrett and his political and bureaucratic cohorts continue to downplay, minimize or simply ignore this public health crisis? WE DESERVE BETTER!

Mayor Tom Barrett has proven beyond a shadow of the doubt that he is a “moral monster”

By James Baldwin’s very own definition of a moral monster, Mayor Barrett fits the bill to a tee. His heart only appears to be filled with self-satisfying moments of aggrandizement for him and his campaign contributors and low-grade elementary political innuendo against his political foes. He has no moral apathy. He has lost, if he ever had, a moral compass. Who knowingly allows the poisoning of children like we are experiencing in Milwaukee?

And anyone that attempts to defend Mayor Barrett’s lack of concern or interest for this city’s continued poisoning of our children through deception, diversion, denial or by shear ignorance is a moral monster as well.

For the record, it is not just Mayor Barrett that deserves the recognition of Milwaukee’s moral monsters, it is also his former and current political cohorts including, but not limited to: former Chief of Staff Patrick Curley, former Milwaukee Water Works Superintendent Carrie Lewis, former Health Department Consultant Paul Nannis, former Health Department Commissioner Bevan Baker and current Commissioner of Public Works Ghassan Korban.

Maybe it is time to start discussing Mayor Barrett’s removal from office? Along with recalling feckless Barrett supporter President of the Common Council Ashanti Hamilton. They both have and continue to fail this community miserably.

“These people deluded themselves for so long that they really don’t think I’m human. I base this on their conduct, not on what they say.”

We are human beings Mayor Barrett, not guinea pigs. It is a shame that we have to remind you of this. WE DESERVE BETTER!

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