Intake Specialist

Disability Rights Wisconsin seeks a part-time Intake Specialist to perform client intake functions and other duties in Madison Office.  Requires contact/experience with vulnerable persons, substantial phone experience, excellent listening and communication skills; data base and experience with persons with disabilities desired.  Degree in Social Services or equivalent experience.  Excellent and fringe benefits.  For detailed position description visit

EEO/AA employer committed to a diverse workforce.  Submit resume and cover letter to or mail to: HR, 131 W. Wilson St, Ste 700, Madison, WI 53703.  Deadline: Sep. 8, 2015 to be considered for first round of interviews.   Will remain open until filled.g

Who Cares?

The desire for enlightenment once drove an earnest and highly-determined individual to spend several years in the company of a spiritual teacher. During these years he proved himself a devoted disciple who was totally committed to the attainment of spiritual realization. When the time came for him to leave and return to his native place, his guru made him promise that he would write every month, reporting on his spiritual progress. The disciple gave his promise and received his guru’s blessing. They said their farewells and parted.

The disciple had been gone just over a month when his first letter arrived. “I am experiencing the Oneness with the Universe,” he wrote. The master said nothing, but crumpled up the letter and dropped it in the bin.

The next month’s report came promptly and stated: “The Divinity present in all things has been revealed to me. I behold It in a flower, in a stone, in the very air, everywhere.” Again the master read the letter, crumpled it up and tossed it into the bin without a word.

For four months the letters arrived regularly. In his third message the disciple declared: “The mystery of the One and the Many has been revealed to me. I now know and truly comprehend there is no difference between you and me or anything else.” Once read, this missive also ended up in the guru’s waste-paper basket. In the fourth letter the disciple said, “No one is born, lives or dies, because there is no one who exists.” This letter too was read without comment and followed its predecessors, slipping with a rustle into the trash.

After the fourth month, however, no further letters arrived. No letter in the fifth month, no letter in the sixth month, no letter for a whole year! As the time passed and brought no news, the master became increasingly curious as to what had happened with his beloved disciple. Eventually, he wrote to him inquiring about his spiritual progress, and reminding the disciple of his promise to keep him informed.

Some time later, the guru was handed a letter addressed in a familiar hand. It was from his distant disciple. The guru opened it and read, and laughed out loud with obvious delight. His attendant disciples were puzzled as to what had prompted this outburst of joy. Beaming gladly, the guru passed them the letter. They saw that it contained just three words, and the three words were: “Enlightenment? Who cares!”

082615-business-pix-1SBA Boosts Wisconsin’s Small Business Export Opportunities with $712,000 STEP Program Award

Milwaukee, Wisc. – Small Business  across the country have access to $17.4 million in funding to help them enter and compete in the global marketplace with the Small Business Administration’s 40 awards from the agency’s State Trade and Export Promotion (STEP) program. In Wisconsin, the $712,000 award will support various small business exporting activities, including trade missions to Vietnam and China; United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia; Mexico; Canada; and South Korea.

“Exports are a central part of America’s economic growth; with export-supported jobs paying 15-18 percent more. Yet less than one percent of small business export; and of those that do, 58 percent of them export to only one country,” said Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet. “With 95 percent of the world’s consumers living outside of the U.S., SBA’s STEP program ensures that America’s small businesses can succeed in the 21st century global economy.”

The purpose of the 2015 award is for Wisconsin to assist small businesses with export-related activities or other export initiatives in line with the STEP program objectives, including participation in foreign trade missions, foreign market sales trips, subscription services provided by the U.S. Department of Commerce, as well as design of international marketing campaigns, export trade show exhibits, training workshops and more.

“Our STEP program ensures local resources are available to help small businesses tap global markets. By funding Wisconsin and its export development partners, the SBA is delivering the tools and resources required for small businesses to launch their services and products abroad,” said Eric Ness, SBA’s Wisconsin district director.

Unlocking trade opportunities for small businesses is key to continued growth and expansion and the STEP program is designed to increase the number of small businesses that begin to export and the value of exports for those currently exporting. Nationwide, recipients in the first two rounds of step awards provided in FY 2011 and FY 2012, reported a strong return on investment of more than 19:1. In total, Wisconsin has received more than $1.5 million in STEP awards since FY 2011.

Expanding the base of small business exporters and making the process as easy as possible is a key component of the Administration’s National Export

082615-roberto-ruiz-pix-2Jordy Nelson: The Latest Preseason Victim

“It’s difficult to lose a guy like that in a meaningless game,” a visibly depressed Aaron Rodgers said of Jordy Nelson during his postgame press conference.

To lose one of the three best receivers in the league during a game that actually counts in the record books is depressing enough, but to lose him during a game that has no meaning whatsoever is just cruel. To make matters worse, there was no late hit to blame for his injury, no unfortunate tackle that was just a little too low, but instead just a simple cut up field that actually put most of the strain on his left knee. Still, it was his right knee that blew out.

That being said, Coach Mike McCarthy was not wrong to still have Nelson out on the field, it was only his seventh snap of the game.

The injury will leave the Packers grasping at straws to fill the sizeable void left by Nelson. 2014 seventh round draft choice Jeff Janis resembles Nelson physically at 6’3” 219 pounds, but that is where the comparisons stop. Janis has certainly made an impression during the two preseasons he has been a part of, scoring three touchdowns in six games, but his two catches for 16 yards during the 2014 season leaves much to be desired. 2015 third round draft choice Ty Montgomery seems to have the skills to be an impact player at the receiver position, but at just 6’0” 2016 pounds he much better resembles a Randall Cobb type slot receiver more than an outside receiver.

If his college career is any indication, Montgomery is certainly a dynamic player with the ball in his hands, but the rookie might be biting off more than he can chew if he expects to develop the unspoken understanding with Rodgers that every receiver in the Green Bay offense needs to succeed. We witnessed this last year with Davonte Adams who has never lacked talent but often was out of sync with Rodgers whenever Rodgers would indicate a hot route.

The Packers were expected to have the highest scoring offense in the league this year, and with Seattle struggling to get on the same page this offseason this was likely the Packers year. The offense should still be high powered enough to dominate most opponents but only time will tell if the offense can play at a high enough level to match the output of previous years.

With the injury to Nelson, young players will have to step up on both sides of the ball. Adams will need to grow from unnecessary playmaker to reliable second option. Janis or Montgomery need to step up and fill the shoes left by Adams and pick up all of the considerable slack left over from losing an elite receiver.

The NFL will never cut the preseason games from four to two because even though they are meaningless, they still turn a profit for the NFL. Still, I can’t imagine too many NFL players would complain about cutting down on the risk they are forced to take each and every preseason.

The Packers may no longer be Super Bowl favorites, but great quarterbacks make great receivers and Aaron Rodgers is the greatest in the game today.

Win it for Jordy.

082615-deportes-pix2Di María y Pastore, bajas en la convocatoria de Argentina

BUENOS AIRES— Angel Di María y Javier Pastore fueron excluidos el martes de la convocatoria de la selección de Argentina para sus dos últimos fogueos antes del inicio de las eliminatorias mundialistas.

El técnico Gerardo Martino anunció varios cambios a la lista de jugadores para los amistosos del 4 de septiembre ante Bolivia, y el 8 contra México, en ambos casos en Estados Unidos.

Di María y Pastore, compañeros en el Paris Saint-Germain, quedaron marginados del plantel junto con Lucas Biglia (Lazio, Italia) y Pablo Zabaleta (Manchester City, Inglaterra).

Pastore y Biglia tienen sendos desgarros en la pierna derecha y Zabaleta un esguince en la rodilla izquierda, señaló en un comunicado la Asociación del Fútbol Argentino (AFA). Di María, por su parte, fue excluido de común acuerdo con el PSG porque se encuentra “en fase de reacondicionamiento físico, trabajando en forma especial por disbalances musculares detectados recientemente por su club”, dijo la AFA.

Di María fue vendido al PSG después de apenas una temporada con Manchester United. El extremo no juega desde que se lesionó en la final la Copa América, que Argentina perdió ante Chile.

Para suplir estas bajas, la AFA anunció que Martino convocó al zaguero Emmanuel Mas (San Lorenzo), los mediocampistas Matías Kranevitter (River Plate) y Nicolás Gaitán (Benfica, Portugal), y el delantero Angel Correa (Atlético de Madrid, España).

La AFA indicó que el plantel se reunirá el 31 de agosto en Houston, donde jugará el primer amistoso.

082615-deportes-pix-1Pelea Cotto-“Canelo” revivirá rivalidad pugilística: De la Hoya

Distrito Federal.- La pelea entre el puertorriqueño Miguel Cotto y el mexicano Sául Álvarez, además de que será explosiva, revivirá la enorme rivalidad pugilística que existe entre los dos países, señaló Oscar de la Hoya.

El “Golden Boy”, ahora flamante promotor de boxeo, indicó que Cotto y “Canelo” tienen las condiciones necesarias para revivir esta añeja rivalidad boricua-azteca, la cual estuvo en auge durante muchos años.

“En la historia se han dado grandes combates México-Puerto Rico, es una rivalidad que está ahí latente y que ahora Cotto y Álvarez revivirán con mucha intensidad, será un explosivo combate por las características de ambos”, dijo.

Para De la Hoya, “Canelo” tiene muchas posibilidades de vencer al experimentado Cotto, sobre todo a la larga, ya que el mexicano tendría a su favor la condición física, mientras que el boricua apuesta por el poder de puños.

“Saúl deberá tratar de cansar a Cotto, que la pelea se vaya a la ruta larga, las piernas serán fundamentales en esa pelea, además, los dos pegan muy fuerte y por eso ambos se cuidarán en ese aspecto”, señaló De la Hoya.

Confió en que este combate regresará la ilusión a los aficionados al boxeo, luego que anteriores peleas de este tipo han defraudado por la gran expectación generada y después por la gran decepción sobre el ring.

“Esta batalla tiene todos los ingredientes PARA que se convierta en una de las mejores del año, lo mejor es que aquí nadie sabe quien ganará, los dos subirán al ring con las mismas posibilidades de vencer”, expresó.

takingsidesShades of Ross Perot Shadow Trump and His Threat of Third Party

The 1992 presidential election comes to mind when thinking about our current presidential campaign. Back then George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton had to deal with a wacky uncontrollable billionaire by the name H. Ross Perot.

Perot then, much like Trump today, conducted unscripted rants that changed the nature of the campaign.

Ross Perot entered the race in February 1992. After leading through the entire month of June, he dropped out, dropped back in, and ultimately received the highest third-party vote share since 1912: a stunning 18.9 percent of the presidential vote.

Perot’s campaign set the tone for what will be debated. In setting that tone, Clinton and Bush were forced to address issues like the federal budget deficit — n issue they might not have discussed.

Because of Perot, Republican Rep. Newt Gingrich proposed the infamous Contract With America, a policy platform that ignored social issues in favor of political reform, including the sweeping changes to congressional process.

But, contrary to popular belief, Perot was not responsible for Clinton’s victory. This shouldn’t really surprise anyone, Perot’s appeal was nonpartisan. Voters flocked to him because he promised to fix the budget deficit both major parties got the country into, in addition too lost manufacturing jobs and a political process reserved for wealthy lobbyists. Sound familiar? Kind of sounds like Donald Trump, huh?

I see Trump, like Perot, as an equal-opportunity basher. After initially attacking immigrants, Hispanics, Wall Street, and his once favorite television network: FOX NEWS, Trump has been bashing women with just a much ignorance.

A recent Washington Post/ABC poll shows that in a three-way race, Trump increases Hillary Rodham Clinton’s edge over Jeb Bush to 16 percentage points from 6 percentage points in a two-way race.

And according to a recent Rasmussen poll, 1 in 5 Republicans say they are “very likely” to vote for a Trump-led third-party effort, while less than 10 percent of Democrats say the same.

Trump creating a third party is very likely if he does not get the GOP nomination. A Trump independent candidacy will hurt Republicans more than Democrats.

Trump’s signature issue is immigration. He, of course, favors a hardline approach, insisting without evidence that the Mexican government is sending criminals across the border. Unlike Perot’s emphasis on trade and the deficit, which drew support from both Republicans and Democrats, Trump’s talking points exploit a deep division not only within the Republican Party, but also within the nation on immigration.

Various news reports indicate that a third of Republicans, and half of the most active Republicans, do not support any path to citizenship. A comprehensive immigration reform bill (which has passed in the Senate and which Speaker John Boehner says is a top priority for the House) would further alienate anti-immigration Republicans from their party and further reinforce Trump’s appeal to the anti-immigrant conservative base.

With eight to 10 states up for grabs, and the Republican candidate quite possibly tethered to a comprehensive immigration reform bill — either Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio would have trouble shedding a pro-immigration reform reputation — a Trump independent candidacy could do real damage to the GOP. If Trump attracted even 5 percent of the vote, he could decide the election in Clinton’s favor. No wonder Republicans are worried.

082615-entertainment-pix-2Paris Hilton juega sugestiva con sus “pelotas”

Distrito Federal.- La socialité Paris Hilton colgó en Instagram una fotografía bastante sugestiva, pues con sus manos tomó dos pelotas y las colocó a la altura de sus senos.

Junto con otra mujer, la estrella que se dio a conocer gracias a un video erótico posó para la cámara como normalmente lo hace: con pose de diva y reina de belleza.

La también empresaria, modelo, diseñadora y DJ de origen estadunidense tiene 34 años de edad y es conocida en el mundo por sus fotos subidas de tono.

La publicación ya acumula más de 37 mil “me gusta” en la mencionada aplicación de fotografía y video.

_82615-entertainment-pix-1Regresa El Sol en noviembre al DF

Luis Miguel se presentará del 18 al 21 de noviembre en el Auditorio Nacional como parte promocional de su tour Déjà vu.

El próximo miércoles 26 de agosto se llevará a cabo la preventa de los boletos, y la venta abierta al público iniciará este sábado 29 de agosto; las entradas estarán desde 100 hasta 4 mil 300 pesos.

El intérprete, quien ostenta el récord de mayor número de funciones realizadas en el Coloso de Reforma, regresará al recinto después de los 12 conciertos que realizó a principios de este año.

“El Sol” se ha presentado 223 veces en el Auditorio Nacional desde el año 1991, a partir de esa fecha más de un millón 900 mil espectadores han presenciado su espectáculo que recorre varios países.