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A new study says that cheap, abundant natural gas will actually harm the environment. While it will displace coal and other dirty fuels, it will also encourage people to burn more, as well as undercutting non-fossil fuel sources of energy such as wind, solar and nuclear power.

“When we looked at it, abundant gas is not going to solve the climate change problem on its own without accompanying climate policies,” said Haewon McJeon, a staff scientist at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, the lead author on the study appearing in the journal Nature.

“The main thing we were hoping for is that natural gas would displace coal, and would decrease emissions significantly. That’s not the only effect. It will also displace coal but also wind. We still get some reduction in (greenhouse gas) emissions, but one more effect is the first rule economics: If things are cheap, people will consume more.”

Another monkey wrench with natural gas is the production of methane during gas drilling. Methane is more powerful than carbon dioxide when it comes to trapping heat in the atmosphere.

The new study didn’t endorse any specific climate policies, but the implication is that renewable energy still needs some kind of subsidies or price protections if governmental leaders are serious about putting less carbon dioxide in the air.

McJeon and colleagues tackled this question with five separate models used to predict energy consumption and carbon emissions through 2050. The project included scientists from Austria, Australia, Germany, Italy and the United States.

Jae Edmonds, a principal investigator on the study and also a scientist at PNNL, says that using five different methodologies gave the study more heft.

“Rather than us trying to publish a study that was our study alone, we teamed up with a set of other colleagues, each of whom has their own unique approach,” Edmonds said. “One of the strengths is you have this qualitative consistency that emerges. It gives you more confidence than if there was just one study.”

John Weyant, professor of management science and engineering at Stanford University, said there still may at least one benefit to natural gas — it will help transition away from coal.

“Abundant gas might make climate policy easier by making backing (away from) coal less costly, especially in the short run,” said Weyant, who was not associated with the study. “So abundant gas may get you on your way to a low greenhouse gas future but is extremely unlikely get you all the way there.”

McJeon and Edmonds said their study looked at global trends in both natural gas comsumption and carbon emissions. The next phase will look at regional differences between the big emitters of the United States, China and India, for example, and what role natural gas play in those economies.


West Africa could see up to 10,000 new Ebola cases a week within two months, the World Health Organisation has revealed in a grim new assessment of the crisis.

The death rate has also risen to 70 per cent for people who contract the lethal virus, according to figures released by the United Nations global health agency.

The WHO had previously estimated the death rate to be about 50 per cent per cent, already a high figure for a disease.

The agency increased its Ebola death toll tally to 4,447 people on Tuesday, nearly all of them in West Africa, from 8,914 cases. The true figure is thought to be significantly higher as many relatives have not reported infections and buried their dead because they fear that they will be put into isolation wards.

There have been about 1,000 new cases – confirmed, suspected and probable – per week during the last four weeks. Bruce Aylward, the WHO assistant director-general, said that if the world does not step up its response to the outbreak, “a lot more people will die” and there will be a huge need to deal with the spiralling numbers of cases.

The startling new figures give fresh urgency to calls for greater resources to tackle the crisis. Speaking at a news conference in Johannesburg, the head of Medecins Sans Frontieres in South Africa, Sharon Ekambaram, lamented that medical workers in the region have received inadequate assistance from the international community.

“Where is WHO Africa? Where is the African Union?” said Dr Ekambaram who worked in Sierra Leone in August and September. “We’ve all heard their promises in the media, but have seen very little on the ground.”

As the new assessment was made public, Mark Zuckerberg, the billionaire founder of Facebook, announced that he and his wife Priscilla Chan were donating $25 million to the Centre for Disease Control Foundation in the to help fight Ebola.

“We need to get Ebola under control in the near term so that it doesn’t spread further … that we end up fighting for decades at large scale, like HIV or polio,” they said in a statement.

Dr Aylward said the 70 per cent death rate made Ebola “a high mortality disease” in any circumstance. The WHO target is to isolate 70 per cent of cases and provide treatment as soon as possible over the next two month in an effort to reverse outbreak, he said.

“It would be horrifically unethical to say that we’re just going to isolate people,” he said, noting that new strategies like handing out protective equipment to families and setting up very basic clinics was a priority.

Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia have suffered the brunt of the outbreak and Dr Aylward said WHO was very concerned about the continued spread of the disease in their densely-populated capital cities of Freetown, Conakry and Monrovia.

He said there was no evidence any countries were hiding Ebola cases but gave warning that countries bordering the affected area, including Ivory Coast, Mali and Guinea-Bissau, were at high risk of importing the disease.

“This is not a virus that’s easy to suppress or hide,” he said, noting there hasn’t been a huge amount of international spreading so far. “I don’t expect this virus to just go anywhere. There is exit screening in place and sick people won’t be moving.”

In Germany, an unnamed 56-year-old male UN medical worker infected with Ebola in Liberia died after four days in hospital in Leipzig. The man tested positive for the disease on Oct 6, prompting Liberia’s UN peacekeeping mission to place 41 other staff members under “close medical observation.”

The hospital’s chief executive, Dr Iris Minde, said at the time there was no risk of infection for other people, since he was kept in a secure isolation ward specially equipped with negative pressure rooms that are hermetically sealed.

MILWAUKEE – Northwestern Mutual has added two multicultural marketing experts to its Diversity and Inclusion team.

Jose Gomez, director of diversity and inclusion, leadership development, is responsible for designing and delivering leading edge solutions in diversity, inclusion and multicultural leadership consulting strategies. His expertise includes the areas of workforce, community, marketplace, and leadership diversity.

Based in Milwaukee, Gomez previously was senior managing partner of Denver-based Multicultural Solutions, a diversity, bilingual communications and public affairs company focusing on multicultural strategies, training and communications.

Prior to that Gomez served as director of diversity and corporate relations at Brinker International; as well as senior manager, corporate affairs and diversity at Walmart Stores, Inc.; and director of the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (HACE) in Chicago, a national non-profit organization dedicated to creating professional development and workforce diversity programs. He holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Luis Cachua, director multicultural markets, will develop and lead the company’s Hispanic-integrated marketing initiatives out of Los Angeles. Cachua will be working with Northwestern Mutual’s cross functional teams and external Hispanic community partners.

Cachua comes to Northwestern Mutual with significant marketing experience in financial services, having worked on multicultural market development with Wells Fargo, most recently as vice president of diverse segments strategy including management of national sponsorships and design of integrated marketing plans. Cachua holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Southern California.

“Both Jose and Luis understand the financial-services industry, are bilingual, and will be valuable assets as we continue to expand our Hispanic-market initiatives”, said Chris Meece, director of multicultural market strategy at Northwestern Mutual.

“They not only bring a wealth of diversity experience in both the corporate and nonprofit worlds, they also share our belief that our company’s brand values align well with those of the Hispanic market – building trust, keeping promises, and doing the right thing for your family.”

Northwestern Mutual offers a number of tools designed specifically to help Hispanic clients and their families achieve financial security, including an informational microsite in English and Spanish and a variety of Spanish-language materials and videos on financial planning, available through Northwestern Mutual Financial Representatives.



Buenos Aires.- Tras perderse la mayoría de la temporada por una lesión de muñeca, el tenista argentino Juan Martín del Potro anunció el martes que no jugará en lo que resta del año y regresará a las canchas en 2015.

Del Potro indicó que “a pesar de todos los avances en la recuperación de mi muñeca y en mi preparación física, decidí no jugar los torneos de fin de año en Europa’’.

“No estoy al 100% de mi capacidad como para competir en certámenes de tanta exigencia. Prefiero encarar esta etapa de regreso con más paciencia y prepararme a full con vistas a 2015’’, agregó el tenista en un comunicado publicado en su página de Facebook.

Su vocero de prensa Jorge Viale dijo a The Associated Press que la recuperación de Del Potro marcha por los carriles normales.

“Estoy entrenándome bien’’*, destacó Del Potro en ese parte de prensa de Viale. “La recuperación de la operación en la muñeca es lenta como para estar en un nivel competitivo internacional que me permita enfrentar a los mejores jugadores en los últimos dos torneos del año’’.

“Prefiero tener paciencia, ser prudente, y prepararme de cara al año que viene. Ya no tengo dolores y molestias. Día a día me voy sintiendo mejor’’, señaló Del Potro, de 26 años y 29no en el ranking de la ATP, y quien no juega desde que el torneo de Dubai a fines de febrero.

El campeón del Abierto de Estados Unidos de 2009 fue operado en marzo de la muñeca izquierda. En 2010 también fue operado de la muñeca derecha.


Corea del Sur.-  De la mano de Celso Borges, la selección de fútbol de Costa Rica se impuso 3-1 a Corea del Sur el martes en un duelo amistoso.

Borges hizo goles en cada mitad de un partido sumamente disputado en el estadio de Seúl donde se jugó la Copa del Mundo 2002, en el que el alemán Uli Stielike sufrió su primera derrota como técnico de Corea del Sur en su segundo partido en el cargo.

Siete minutos antes del descanso Borges disparó dentro del área tras un buen pase de Bryan Ruiz y su tiro rasante se fue a la red.

Pero la ventaja de los ticos duró poco y cuando faltaba poco para que terminara el primer tiempo un centro cruzado de Son Heung Min fue rematado por Lee Dong Gook para el empate.

Apenas había iniciado la segunda parte cuando Borges devolvió la ventaja a su equipo y cuando restaban 12 minutos de juego Oscar Duarte selló el triunfo al rematar un tiro de esquina.

takingsidesThe unions seeking to unionize the workers at Palermo Villa Inc. have withdrawn their petition for union representation with the National Labor Relations Board, according to Ben Mandelman, Milwaukee officer-in-charge.

Spokespeople for Voces de la Frontera, which was representing the workers trying to form the Palermo Workers Union, have yet to release a statement. The Palermo Workers Union’s website has been taken down.

Over 75 undocumented workers and their families were manipulated by Voces de la Frontera to form a union.

Now that the effort has failed, it seems Voces de la Frontera is trying desperately have this issue fade away into obscurity. Even Georgia Pabst of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel failed to cover this story after devoting many articles about the matter during the height of the campaign. The matter to withdraw unionization was done in July. Pabst had part of July, August and September to report the latest news, she didn’t.

The news was scooped by the business newspapers in Milwaukee. Why did Pabst refuse to cover this new development in a story she’s been covering closely for more than a year?

What about the 75 undocumented workers and their families? Did Voces de la Frontera help those workers find work or were they deported.

Pabst is taking great care to not report the failure of Voces de la Frontera’s Palermo’s Pizza campaign. In addition, Pabst is engaging in an injustice by failing to report what did Voces de la Frontera do to help those 75 undocumented workers and their families find peace and stability now that their efforts have failed.

Our community needs another Latino reporter. One that is willing to dig into news stories at all levels, just not selectively choose who will get good press and who will get bad press.

It’s been since July that the unions involved at Palermo’s Pizza pulled the plug on their efforts there, and nothing has since been reported on the where about of 75 undocumented workers and their families.

During the height of the Palermo’s campaign, Pabst would give coverage to the workers and their struggle for fairness, now that the campaign has failed, these same workers that everyone kept crying about, are left without a job and after two months since the unions pulled their petition, not one statement or news article has been done to report in their status.


Ciudad de México– Robert Downey Jr., el actor que da vida a Iron Man, formará parte de ‘Capitán América 3’, película que llegará a los cines en 2016. Esta aparición prepararía al universo cinematográfico de Marvel para su mayor evento hasta la fecha: Civil War, de acuerdo a Variety.

El actor se encuentra finalizando negociaciones para extender su contrato, con el cual solo podrá aparecer la secuela de ‘Los Vengadores’ y ‘Capitán América 3’.

En esta cinta, protagonizada por Chris Evans si no hay grandes cambios respecto a la trama del cómic, Tony Stark, álter ego de Iron Man, comenzaría a tener sus diferencias con Steve Rogers, de manera que se prepararía una futura película basada en Civil War, donde los héroes se enfrentarían entre ellos en dos bandos diferentes.

Downey Jr. declaró, hace unos días, que no había planes para ‘Iron Man 4’, en una visita al programa de David Letterman, pero sí insinúo su aparición en otros proyectos de Marvel, asegurando que el estudio tenía un plan en mente.


Ciudad de México– Christina Aguilera regresará a ‘The Voice’. Aguilera y Pharrell Williams serán coaches en la octava temporada del reality show de talentos musicales junto a Adam Levine y Blake Shelton. Estos últimos han estado en el programa desde el comienzo mientras que Cristina no participó solamente de la cuarta, sexta y séptima temporada. Durante su tiempo fuera del show, Shakira y Gwen Stefani fueron sus reemplazantes.

Aguilera dio a luz a su segundo bebé, Summer Rain Rutler, en agosto.

El encargado de confirmar la noticia fue el host de ‘The Voice’, Carson Daly.

“Estamos emocionados por dar la bienvenida nuevamente a Christina a su sillón rojo y no podemos esperar para ver cómo se mezclará con Adam, Blake y Pharrell en la que será una increíblemente competitiva temporada”, aseguró Paul Telegdy, ejecutivo de la NBC Entertainment.

Williams se sumó al programa en la actual temporada. Usher y CeeLo Green también han pasado por el rol de entrenadores. En el caso de Green, fue uno de los coaches originales aunque ha asegurado que su tiempo en el programa se terminó.

Quien se sumó para la actual temporada es Taylor Swift. La cantante de ‘Shake It Off’ y madre de la gata Olivia Benson tendrá el rol de “consejera clave” de los entrenadores durante la nueva temporada.