As a faculty member of the University of Wisconsin-Extension, Cooperative Extension, employed with Marathon County, the Community, Natural Resource and Economic Development  Educator is an educational leader in teaching, accessing and applying research findings from the fields of leadership and organizational development, community development, local government education, business and economic development and natural resources in order to meet identified educational needs and interests of citizens, civic groups, businesses and local governments.  The Community, Natural Resource and Economic Development Educator takes a scholarly approach in strengthening communities and local government through educational programming that builds understanding and leads to improved decision-making and leadership skills.

Application deadline: March 17, 2015

For details on how to apply visit: 

Mercy Residential and Rehabilitation Center is a CMS 5 Star Recognized 60-bed skilled nursing facility encouraging a person-directed approach to care in a friendly homelike environment.  We are looking for nurses to complement our team in caring for our neighboring community.  Our facility offers tenured nursing management that nurture and mentor new nurses or those new to skilled nursing care and look for advancement opportunities to assure a positive work environment in a caring environment.   Bring your education and experience as a nurse to a new level by providing care to both a long-term and sub-acute population.  Your skills in wound care, IV management, orthopedics, cardiac, and skilled nursing will be developed and utilized to benefit our population.  We offer a competitive wage and benefit package to include medical benefits beginning day one for benefit level employees.  You will receive a personal orientation program based on your experience.   We are not your typical nursing home.  Individuals who are fluent in Spanish are encouraged to apply.  Questions can be directed to Jane Gamez, DON or Pat Panter, RN, ETD at (414) 383-3699.  Please complete an online application at for consideration.


4H Youth and Family Development Coordinator (100%)


As an academic staff member of the University of Wisconsin-Extension, Cooperative Extension, employed with Outagamie County, the 4-H Youth and Family Development Coordinator is an educational leader in teaching, accessing and applying research-based knowledge in the social, human and behavioral sciences.  Take a scholarly approach in organizing community resources in support of efforts to improve the quality of family life and the positive development of youth.  Plan and implement educational programs for youth and adults through family education programs, afterschool and community programs, and 4-H Community Clubs.  Initial priorities include programs that target elementary school aged youth to help them learn and apply skills necessary throughout their life, such as healthy lifestyles, technology, communication, critical thinking, and teamwork.  The position is also responsible for building capacity for youth and family programs through volunteer development and community partnerships.

Application deadline: March 24, 2015

For details on how to apply visit: 


A statement about “keeping an open mind” is itself open to a wry comment that any kind of thought could enter, helpful or destructive, wise or unwise. We want to be selectively open to improvement, inspiration and creativity, not to whatever might inhibit our continuing growth and development. Thoughts come and go, some that are clearly a helpful part of our mental processes, while others have no positive relationship with our affairs. Selecting which thoughts to “own” and which to dismiss or ignore is a personal responsibility that cannot be delegated.

No matter how unrelated to reality some thoughts might be, they can also be quite attractive and entertaining. They can also provide all-too-easy distractions from our intended occupations. Deciding which thoughts to continue and which to stop is not always easy. Email messages might pop up while we are trying to focus our thoughts on a task to which we have committed ourselves. Cell-phones might notify us of a call or message while we are already in a conversation. Selective openness is not an attitude that we can fully set in place by a single act, but one that we can consciously develop over the whole course of our lives. Every day we have opportunities to practice selective openness in both familiar and unusual inner workings of our minds.

All the thoughts to which we give even partial attention have immediate consequences in our hearts. Fantasizing about a dinner menu while at the same time listening to someone describing their needs, is usually a somewhat conflictual interior movement which, upon reflection, can be recognized as a less than satisfying use of our mental capacities. Thoughts that we choose to allow in our minds have feelings attached to them, of resonance or dissonance, providing us with essential information as to whether or not our openness to the ideas is appropriate in our present circumstances.

Though what goes on in our minds might seem completely and solely our own business, the choices we make, even with regard to thoughts, affects not only our own well-being, but also that of others. If we take seriously our responsibilities towards ourselves and others, we do well to consider that we are never totally alone, even in the matter of selective openness. God is always personally present within our hearts, where we make choices about the ideas that move within us.

When we are negotiating the tension between thoughts of immediate gratification and of real love or between imagined control and realistic acceptance of reality, we will manage these affairs of our constant mental activity with much greater success by seeking grace, inspiration and assistance. We might have learned by reflecting on some of our life-long experience with both positive and negative patterns of thinking that choosing the direction of our thoughts is much easier when we seek the help of God and the support of those who are now with God and whose love for us we continue to trust.

God is very much at home within us, and is not surprised by anything that comes into our minds. But God is also more than happy to assist in the selections we make when we are “keeping an open mind.”

Just Between Friends (JBF) has announced two up coming Spring Children’s and Maternity Consignment Sales for the metro area.  A Germantown/Port Washington sale will be held March 11-15 at the Washington County Fairgrounds and a Milwaukee County sale will take place April 19-25 in the Wisconsin Exposition Center at Wisconsin State Fair Park.

JBF’s Germantown/Port Washington sale will be open to the public on Wednesday and Thursday, March 11-12, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Friday, March 13, and Saturday, March 14, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.; and Sunday, March 15, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Admission on Wednesday is $3 with free admission on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The Milwaukee County JBF sale will be open to the public Sunday through Wednesday, April 19-22, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Thursday, April 23, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Friday, April 24, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.; and Saturday, April 25, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  On Sunday, a $3 admission fee will be charged, and on the remaining sale days, admission is free.

JBF events offer “gently loved” and “new” children’s clothing in sizes 0 to 18, maternity clothes in sizes XS to plus, shoes in sizes infant to 6 or 7, as well as toys, board and electronic games, DVDs, and books. All clothing items and shoes are inspected before the event for current fashion, stains, and tears. Items will be organized like a children’s store, where everything is divided by gender and size. Each event features new and different items. The spring sales will feature spring and summer clothing items.

“A great many families look forward to these big money-saving events, so the service Just Between Friends sales bring to the community is extremely valuable,” said Ammie Maltz, organizer of the JBF Germantown sale.

Melissa Monsoor, co-organizer of the Milwaukee County sale pointed out, “We will have everything from maternity clothing to wipe warmers to the latest fashions from Justice or Gymboree to Fisher Price and Little Tikes playground toys, along with other high interest toys and children’s electronics.”

To learn more about opportunities and rewards for joining the team for each sale, visit Consignors utilize an exclusive, free barcode tagging system to tag items, track daily sales, and manage an accurate, itemized list of any unsold, fashionable, and desirable items that are then donated on behalf of JBF and the consignors to area charities including the Salvation Army for families in need.

Just Between Friends serves more than 260,000 American families in 22 states and provides an opportunity for families to recycle their kids’ clothing and toys. Wisconsin currently offers five JBF sales events, with each independently operated.

The Salvation Army is an international movement located in over 100 countries around the world. It has been serving communities in the Greater Milwaukee area for over 100 years.


GDN_0047The days of bringing the ball up-court for the Milwaukee Bucks came to a sudden and surprising end for former Bucks starting point guard Brandon Knight. Despite putting up the best all-around numbers of his career and providing a steady scoring presence from beyond the arc, Knight was traded as part of a three-team deal that went down on the day of the trade deadline. In return, the main piece the Bucks received was Michael Carter-Williams (MCW), another young point guard who has struggled to find his shot thus far in his career.

Despite the fact that Knight and Carter-Williams are the same age (separated by only two months), there are very few similarities between the two. Knight came into the league in the 2011 draft as the eighth pick overall by the Detroit Pistons. He was considered a project with tons of potential, and he was coming into his own here in Milwaukee after being traded last year. Carter-Williams was also a high draft pick, eleventh overall, but came out of college two years later than Knight did. His shooting has always been a question mark but his defense and passing abilities should allow him to become a better all-around player if he is able to reach his full potential.

Carter-Williams adds even more length to an already lengthy Bucks squad. If Coach Jason Kidd were to  put Carter-Williams, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Khris Middleton, Chris Dudley, and John Henson on the floor together, he would not only have one of the tallest lineups in the league, but I venture to guess that if they all stood fingertip to fingertip they would cover half of the entire court. The defensive potential of this lineup is amazing, but the Bucks didn’t pull the trigger on this trade simply because of potential.

General Manager John Hammond was playing a dangerous game by buying into the future while still maintaining a competitive squad in the present. The potential of Knight and Carter-Williams pretty much cancel each other out. Hammond has to believe that Carter-Williams gives the Bucks a better chance to contend in the post-season this year, or else he shouldn’t have agreed to the trade. This team has shown a remarkable ability to stay close in games and smother the opposing team with smart, stout defense, two traits that are crucial when the playoffs arrive.

Carter-Williams has largely been a disappointment after winning the rookie of the year award last year. Some would argue it was by default because when no rookie stood out, there was simply no clear cut choice and Carter-Williams played often enough to put up decent numbers. His shooting numbers have gone from bad to dismal this season, and he shoots far too many three-point shots for a guy who barely makes one out of every four. He does attack the basket with ferocity though, and is exceptional at coming down with rebounds in traffic. He is a legitimate triple-double threat every night.

His debut for the Bucks was short lived as he is eased back from injury, but he put up seven points and eight assists in only 18 minutes against his former team, the Philadelphia 76ers.

Will Carter-Williams be the final push the Bucks needed? Only time will tell.

022515deportes pix1

Phoenix.- El comisionado de las Grandes Ligas, Rob Manfred, señaló que las nuevas reglas que buscan agilizar el ritmo de los juegos de beisbol tienen el objetivo primordial de atraer a seguidores más jóvenes hacia este deporte.

Manfred, en sus primeras declaraciones públicas sobre los cambios desde que se anunciaron el viernes, dijo que las reglas se constituyen como una estrategia “mesurada” y definida en acuerdo con el Sindicato de peloteros.

En esta campaña, se requerirá que los toleteros conserven un pie en la caja de bateo. Asimismo, los lanzadores y bateadores tendrán que estar listos para comenzar el inning justo cuando concluyan los comerciales en la televisión.

“El tema de atraer a un público joven se relaciona con el ritmo del juego”, consideró Manfred, quien recordó que tiene cuatro hijos de veintitantos años.

“Estoy familiarizado con esa generación”, aseguró. “Y algo que puedo decir con certeza es que el periodo en el que prestan atención parece más breve que el nuestro”.  En la temporada anterior, la duración promedio de un juego de las Mayores impuso un récord, con tres horas y dos minutos.

“Ciertamente, quiero revertir la tendencia en que se incrementa la duración del juego”, comentó Manfred. “Y me interesa de verdad la idea de que vamos a tener un promedio de duración del juego de dos horas y fracción el año próximo, en vez de tres horas y fracción”.

El comisionado habló durante una conferencia de prensa en el día de prensa por los entrenamientos de pretemporada. En este encuentro suelen participar los managers y gerentes generales de los 15 clubes que entrenan en Arizona.

Cualquier otro cambio en las reglas debe realizarse con la cooperación del Sindicato de jugadores, indicó Manfred.

“Hablé con (el director general del sindicato) Tony Clark el jueves, una noche antes de que se anunciaran los cambios”, dijo Manfred. “Tuve una conversación muy positiva con Tony. Comenzamos estas charlas con un entendimiento conceptual entre él y yo de que íbamos a proceder con cautela en el tema del ritmo de juego”.

Expresó su deseo de que ninguna de las medidas “cambie la manera esencial en que se juega este deporte”.

Manfred se negó a especular qué acciones se realizarían si los cambios en las reglas no alcanzaran el resultado que se desea.

“He manifestado en repetidas ocasiones mi idea del que el ritmo del juego representará una evolución continua y por varios años, una serie de cambios durante un tiempo”, añadió. “Nos satisfizo un experimento con un reloj de pitcheo en la Liga de Otoño en Arizona. Nos complació lo suficiente como para ampliar el experimento a la Doble A y la Triple A”.

“No he fijado hasta el momento una postura respecto de si expandiremos esto”, aclaró.

Ante la implementación del reloj que limitará a 20 segundos el tiempo que puede esperar un pitcher entre cada lanzamiento en las Ligas Menores, muchos serpentineros estarán acostumbrados a un ritmo más acelerado, consideró el manager de Arizona, Chip Hale.

“Esto llevará algún tiempo”, opinó. “Una vez que llegue esta generación de chicos de las Ligas Menores que estarán sujetos a reglas más severas que las vigentes en las Mayores, veremos que jugarán más rápido, y no habrá necesidad de tener estas reglas”.

Los peloteros se expondrán a una multa de 500 dólares si infringen la regla de la caja de bateo. Manfred informó que no se revelarán los nombres de los sancionados.

What in tarnation is Wisconsin thinking?takingsides

Governor Scott “Scooter” Walker is blazing a trail across the nation, parading himself as a potential presidential candidate. But unfortunately for Wisconsin, he’s not looked at by his fellow conservatives as an innovative fresh ideas leader, they see him as a cowardly political not ready for prime time neophyte who managed to marginalize his candidacy with an astounding display of gutlessness never seen in modern political campaigns.

I mean, I kind of got the feeling Walker was in over his head when he visited England and ended up looking like a confused boy Scott when he would not explain his position on EVOLUTION. But since then, Scooter has been taking a shellacking from conservative newspapers all around the country for being a chump.

The conservative media did not jump on Walker that hard when he declined to answer if he believed in evolution. But after standing beside Rudy Giuliani as the former New York mayor said President Barack Obama wasn’t a patriot and did not love America, Scott Walker got all mealy-mouthed and, instead of saying he believed the President loved America, he stood there unwilling to concede that the president of the United States of America in fact loves America.

But that’s not all. Walker raised the stakes and blurted out that he wasn’t so sure whether or not Barack Obama was a Christian because, as Walker puts it, he’s “never asked him” that.

By the now, the nation has to be saying to itself, What in tarnation is Wisconsin thinking?

Scott Walker’s embrace of radical conservativism, in order to avoid politically alienating his base of the radical conservative Hoi polloi, is more than just a sign of his utter lack of leadership. It’s a sad commentary about us in Wisconsin who elected this sneaky politician as governor three times in the last four years.

But don’t take my word for it. Check out the coverage in conservative newspapers around the country that have been publishing Walker’s brand of cowardly antics:

Scott Walker’s spineless silence

Washington Post Editorial Board, February 20th, 2015

“His (Mayor Giuliani) remarks presented an early test of character for Mr. Walker, and Mr. Walker failed spectacularly. At the dinner, the governor said nothing. Even the next morning, having had a night to ponder, Mr. Walker chose not to lift himself out of the Giuliani sewer.”

“ Any reader of this page knows that we find plenty to criticize in Mr. Obama’s foreign policy. But the questions about his patriotism that emerge from a venomous stew of racism, xenophobia and echo-chamber cable television chatter are ludicrous and say a great deal more about the critics than about the object of their criticism.”

Scott Walker’s cowardice should disqualify him

Washington Post Op-Ed, February 20th, 2015

“What Scott Walker did ought to disqualify him as a serious presidential contender”

“Certainly don’t look to Walker, who, in trying to establish himself as the man to lead the country after the 2016 election, is avoiding anything that might resemble leadership.”

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022515entertainment pix1Los Angeles—  Y después del Oscar, Alejandro González Iñárritu se fue de fiesta en familia.

El cineasta acudió a tres festejos, en compañía de su esposa, María Hagerman, y sus hijos, Eliseo y María Eladia.

La primera parada fue en la celebración del Governors Ball, que se realiza en el mismo complejo donde está el Teatro Dolby, sede de la entrega de premios.

Ahí, además de brindar, esperó a que le pusieran las placas con su nombre a las tres estatuillas que ganó a Mejor Director, Mejor Guión Original y Mejor Película por ‘Birdman’.

Luego continuó la noche, al igual que Emmanuel Lubezki (ganador del Oscar a Mejor Fotografía), en la fiesta del estudio Fox Searchlight, que distribuyó ‘Birdman’, la cual tuvo lugar en el restaurante Boa, en Beverly Hills.

Y más tarde, se dirigió al convivio ofrecido por la revista Vanity Fair.

Sin embargo, tras el glamour que vivió el domingo, el director ya está listo para regresar a trabajar en la nieve de Toronto, Canadá, en el rodaje de ‘The Revenant’, al lado de Leonardo DiCaprio y de Lubezki.

“Mañana (hoy) me voy a las cinco de la mañana. Estaré filmando mañana en condiciones bastante adversas, pero estoy contento aunque me faltan todavía muchos meses.

“No hay tiempo de vacaciones, ahora hay mucho trabajo, apenas estoy a la mitad del rodaje. Leo es un actorazo, estoy muy contento de contar con él”, dijo ayer González Iñárritu, en entrevista.

Agregó que todavía no asimilaba el haber ganado la estatuilla dorada.

“Me siento muy contento, muy orgulloso, y no, no me esperaba tres (Oscar) ¡para nada!”, comentó.

“Ahora sí que, la noche de anoche (domingo) es una experiencia que todavía está siendo asimilada por mi cerebro. Hay un impacto evidentemente, y yo creo que estoy como en estado de asombro. Todavía tengo que asimilar lo que hicimos anoche”.

Un chiste entre amigos

González Iñárritu aseguró que el comentario migratorio hecho por el actor Sean Penn durante la gala es una broma “muy divertida” entre amigos.

Al momento de anunciar que el Oscar a la Mejor Película era para ‘Birdman’, Penn comentó: “¿Quién le dio a este hijo de perra su permiso de residencia?” (conocido en Estados Unidos como ‘greencard’).

Actor y director trabaron una fuerte amistad durante el rodaje de ‘21 Gramos’ (2003), la primera cinta que Iñárritu hizo en Estados Unidos tras el éxito de su primer largometraje, ‘Amores Perros’ (2000).

Pero lejos de tomárselo mal, Iñárritu aplaudió el “divertidísimo” comentario.

“Sean y yo tenemos este tipo de amistad brutal”, comentó en la sala de prensa de los Óscar.