Lupe Martinez: Navarro was the Definition of Advocate

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Dante Navarro worked at UMOS from 1966 to October 2010. He held various titles: Resource Developer, Community Aide, Case Manager, and Support Service Case Worker.

“However, his permanent title was that of Advocate, says Lupe Martinez, President/CEO, UMOS. Dante was an avid advocate for migrant and seasonal farmworkers. “He worked tirelessly to improve the living and working conditions of migrant and seasonal farmworker families in Wisconsin and throughout the nation. He often helped them financially out of his own pocket.” Dante had recently set up a fund for migrant and seasonal farmworkers to help those in need who were not eligible for assistance through UMOS’s federally funded programs.

One of his most notable advocacy efforts was in the early 1970s when he founded, and served as the first disc jockey at the first all-Spanish-speaking radio station. In 1973, Dante was appointed Director of the UMOS radio station, WHAD.

“Dante was known for being a vibrant, well dressed, out-going person. He was not a shy person, except when it came to personal recognition. He usually shunned accolades that centered on him rather than on those he served.” In 1985 Dante humbly accepted the UMOS Hispanic Man of the Year Award. In 2010, Dante was, again, recognized by the community, as the honorary parade marshal of the UMOS Mexican Independence Parade.

“Dante was truly a friend of UMOS, a friend and advocate for migrant and seasonal farmworkers and all those that did not have a strong collective voice. He will be missed.”

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