Sanchez MPS Candidate Publicly Supporting Choice-Charter Schools

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 1.20.03 PMSJNN – Milwaukee Public School board of directors election is just around the corner, and seeking your votes are three candidates. Jamie Alvarado, Tatiana Joseph and Angel Sanchez are seeking to represent the 6th MPS district, the MPS district with the most Latino electorate. All three candidates clearly have commitment Former Ald. Angel Sanchez to MPS, but Sanchezseems to be the only candidate who is making it very clear that he is a supporter of choice and charter schools.
“I want the voters to know where I stand on this very important issue”, said Sanchez. “My opponents appear to be avoiding the choice and charter schools issue. I want them to come forward and stand with me in support of choice and charter schools”.
Sanchez states that he has not seen any literature from Alvarado and Joseph explaining where they stand on choice and charter schools. He said that Tatiana Joseph worked at St. Anthony’s school and that he’s a bit surprised that he has not seen anything from her supporting charter schools.
“It’s as if they want to avoid debating choice and charter schools. The voters deserve to know who stands for education reform and who just wants to continue the status quo”, said Sanchez.
Sanchez said that he also wants to address the manner in which MPS substitute teachers where thrown under the bus by the union.
Sanchez says that in the last round of contract talks, substitute teachers were given the shaft by the Milwaukee Teachers Education Association (MTEA) and that the new contract has hurt MPS as well as substitute teachers.
“My intent is to correct the harm this new contract has done to MPS and substitute teachers”, said Sanchez.
The primary election takes place February 19, 2013 and the general election will be held on April 2, 2013.
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