Palermo’s States That VDLF Report is Work of Fiction

Milwaukee – A report was issued by the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC), a labor rights monitoring organization, in which it blast Palermo’s pizza for engaging in an illegal, ongoing anti-union actions against undocumented Palermo’s workers currently on strike.

Palermo’s pizza spokesman, Chris Dresselhuys in a written statement released by the Wisconcompany states that the WRC report “is a work of fiction and a transparent hit piece by an activist group with ties to Voces de la Frontera”. The WRC initiated an investigation after receiving a complaint from Palermo employees. For its report the WRC held interviews with Palermo workers and a review of relevant legal documents, among other sources of evidence.

“The report is a sham which ignores the laws of the United States, the Federal government’s dismissal of these false allegations and the extensive documentation they received of the National Labor Relations Board’s ruling that these allegations were without merit and that Palermo’s behaved appropriately and as the law required,” said Dresselhuys. In statement released by Voces de la Frontera, “The WRC report was released just as Congress launches an overhaul of immigration laws, amidst a public mood that has shifted decidedly in favor of stronger protections for immigrant workers”.
While the need for stronger protections of immigrant rights is needed, it must also be stated that the president of the United States emphasized in a Washington Post article recently that he is focused on immigration “getting reformed passed, and not easing up on enforcement.”

“Voces de la Frontera continues to exhibit its increasing desperation to conceal its deception from our former employees and the community as a whole in an effort to salvage what little remaining credibility it has left. This action is merely the latest tactic in their efforts to prevent our employees from being able to participate in a free & fair NLRBadministered election; to harm a pillar of the community and destroy jobs in Milwaukee”, said Dresselhuys.

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