MCEB Dismisses Charges Against Supervisor Romo West

Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 8.22.48 AMMilwaukee – The Milwaukee County Ethics Board (MCEB) met this week to authorize the release of an order letter in which it announced that ethics charges filed against Milwaukee County Supervisor Peggy Romo West, by an election opponent, have been “dismissed with conditions”. “I am unable to give further details regarding this matter”, said ethics board director, Veronica Robinson.
The Ethics Board conducted a preliminary conference in September 14, 2012 after a complaint was filed against Supervisor Romo West by election opponent Sylvia Ortiz.
The complaint alleged that Supervisor Romo West used county resources during election season in order to support her reelection bid.
The Order letter released by the Ethics Board on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 stated “that the MCEB makes no recommendation that the subject of this investigation be censured, suspended or that any action be taken to remove the subject from office.” Clearly the MCEB found no guilt or that any violations occurred that warranted punitive actions against Supervisor Romo West. The MCEB is not seeking charges of wrong doing from the Office of the District Attorney of Milwaukee County. In addition, no fines were levied against Supervisor Romo West.
However, the MCEB Order goes on to state “that this matter can be reopened if similar or other minor violations occur within three years”.
Which in essence is telling Supervisor Romo West that she must continue to adhere to board ethics rules like the rest of her colleagues while in office.
“This experience has been a great learning opportunity. I am also extremely disapppinted that this affair was manipulated to attack my character and integrity. It’s was a political hack job done by very shallow people.”

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