Deadly Driver Pleads Guilty

MILWAUKEE — Luis Perez pleaded guilty to a deadly hit-and-run and then was sentenced to 5 years in prison by Judge Wagner.

Perez will serve time for killing Gilbert Vazquez Jr. and then leaving the scene and attempting to destroy the evidence while police searched for him.

Laura Manriquez was in tears as she told the judge about her 25-year-old son, Gilbert Vazquez,

in the first place because you didn’t have a valid license,” said Milwaukee County Judge Jeffrey Wagner.

The judge ordered that Perez serve a 5 year prison term with 4 years of extended supervision instead.

“You can never rejoice over another person’s sadness. My hopes are this young man can correct his behavior so when he comes out, he’ll be an asset to the community like my son was and not a burden,” said Manriquez.

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